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Introducing: Photo Quests!

Today I want to talk about a new feature being added to the game called Photo quests. Photo Quests are an alternative to the trivia questions you get when you open the vault. Here is how it works:

When you open a vault sometimes instead of trivia questions you will get a photo quest. The goal is simple: help us catalogue our vault locations by taking a clear picture of this location.

If you receive a Photo Quest in front of a fast food place, take a picture of the fast food place.

If you receive a Photo Quest in front of a fountain , take a picture of the fountain.

Basically: take a picture of the most interesting thing at this vault location.

This will help us improve the quality of vault locations over time.

While you take the picture, you have to make sure one of your hands is in the frame. This allows us to quickly verify you are actually at that location and is one of our many anti-cheating systems.

Here is what it looks like when you get a Photo Quest:

a photo quest in action

Once you submit the picture you can keep on hunting. When you get back to your HQ a green key will be waiting in your mailroom as reward!

If you do this Photo Quest right you will earn a green key in 20 seconds. However, if you fail to provide a clear picture our anti-cheating systems might flag you. So do not send pictures of the floor, car dashboards or your dog. (even though we love a good boi pic!)

In future versions we will add the ability for players to tag categories to the vaults for us, helping us to improve the quality of our vault placements even more!

Happy Hunting!



Explore your city. Train your mind and body. Earn rewards! Coin Hunt World is a mobile geolocation game in which players earn rewards while exploring the world, exercising and learning!

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