Journey Down Adventure Road! (Beta)

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3 min readOct 31, 2022


Ready for a Road Trip, Hunters?

Starting November 1st we are unleashing a new beta feature for our community: The Coin Hunt World Adventure Road!

This feature is in BETA. This means that it is not finished yet, and we know there are bugs that still need to get squashed. The amount of different types of daily quests is currently also limited, but in the weeks to come, the plan is to keep adding more and more variety to keep things fresh.

The goal is to gather feedback during the first adventure road (November) and use it to improve the second one (December). In order to make this happen, we need our community to give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

Adventure Road

The adventure road is a month-long quest chain that each player can participate in at their own pace. Every day, three new daily quests will be available to all players: one easy, one medium and one hard!

Complete these quests during the 24-hour period that they are active and you will earn 300 Adventure Road Points (ARP), or 100 ARP for each daily quest.

On top of this, regular hunting (solving vaults) also earns you ARP. For each vault you solve, no matter the tier, you’ll receive 2 ARP.

You need ARP to venture deeper and deeper along the Adventure Road. During your journey, you will reach certain milestones — 30 in total. When you reach each milestone, you’ll unlock special rewards.

Adventure Pass

For the brave hunters, there is an additional reward path that requires the Adventure Pass to unlock. Each player can obtain the Adventure Pass for 200 Crystal Keys. Crystal Keys can be purchased via two methods:

  1. Via the in-app purchase system on the Google Play Store
  2. Using collected in-game cryptocurrency

Rewards and Bonuses

Once you unlock your Adventure Road with the Adventure Pass, a second line of rewards become available to you. All the rewards on the left side are freely accessible to all players, and all the rewards on the right side are only available to those with an Adventure Pass!

On top of unlocking an additional row of rewards, grabbing the adventure pass has an additional benefit: each vault you solve, regardless of tier, now earns you 4 ARP instead of 2.

The Adventure Pass also grants you the ability to earn two exclusive rewards at certain points throughout the Adventure Road: the Scorpio Achievement Cubie and a groovy HQ Skin BP, pictured below!

The Scorpio Achievement Cubie and a very groovy HQ Skin BP, exclusive to this month’s Adventure Pass!

The goal for the Adventure Road is to give fresh challenges every day with unlockable rewards so that everybody, no matter how much they play CHW, always has something to work towards!

Again, this feature is in BETA, so we need your feedback to make it as fun as possible!

Happy Hunting!


For more info on the game, check the Coin Hunt World Wiki which features a start guide, tutorials, cubie overviews, blueprint requirements, price tracking for all items, all yellow vault locations, trivia with answers, player pages and so much more!