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Much Doge this week, WOW!

Download the beta here:

This week our explorers spotted something unusual in Coin Hunt World! The green vaults seem to be replaced with…. dog houses?

If you are new to the game Coin Hunt World, you might want to start here first.

Doge Houses everywhere!

They seem to behave like regular green vaults, it requires a green key to open but their rewards are different!

Look for these if you are looking to stack some DOGE!

There are 31,000 Doge houses in the game, each one of them drops $2 worth of DOGE every 24 hours!

So yes, you will be able to stack enough doge this week to impress even the biggest memefiends!

But there is more!

They also seem to be dropping new resources! That’s right, looks like we are having a unique DOGE CUBIE!

The doge cubie from different angles for your viewing pleasure

But before you can print this brand new cubie, you will need to find the rare Blueprint and gather the required resources! Take a look at the printing formula.

the recipe to go full woof

Embrace the memes this week and stack some Dogecoin, hunt the elusive Doge cubie blueprint and above all: have fun doing it! ;)

Happy Hunting!

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