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State of the beta

As we approach the release of the next content patch, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to take a look at the past, present and future of Coin Hunt World!

When development of this platform started in February, our goal was to create a gamified version of the Coinbase Earn system: Quiz users and reward them for their time with a small amount of cryptocurrency. Getting cryptocurrencies in the hands of more users will help the the adoption of the technology.

Let’s take a closer look at how Coin Hunt World works:

Let’s start with the core gameplay loop

It’s a simple one :

Not every game has to be as complex as Baldur’s Gate 3 :)

Collecting Keys

Keys can be found in key booths that are spread all over the world.

The more densely populated the area, the more keys and vaults you will find. Open the app, walk to a key booth and collect the key inside. Once a key is collected it will respawn in 24 hours.

Key & Vault Tiers

Keys and vaults come in 5 tiers:

The higher the tier, the more valuable the rewards inside.

Forging Keys

After you have collected a key from a key booth, you have the option to forge a higher tier key. Key forging requires 10 keys to convert them into one key of a higher tier.

(You will only get this option when you have enough keys.)

Opening Vaults

Once you have keys, it’s time to go vault hunting! Explore your neighborhood to discover vaults. (If you can’t find anything around you, please let our live-ops team know on Discord and they will take a look at your area)

A blue key is required to open blue vaults, a green key required to open green vaults and so on.

The higher the vault tier the higher the rewards inside. (At the time of this writing green vaults yield approx. $1 worth of BTC or ETH all the way up to Purple vaults yielding approx. $1000 worth of BTC/ETH. )

Once you find a vault, use a key to unlock it. Once a vault is open, you will be asked a question.

Got the answer wrong? Not a problem, as long you have keys you can try again!

Got the answer right? You will now see up to 3 prize boxes:

Every time you solve a vault you have:

  • 100% chance of a crypto prize box of the same color of the vault
  • 50% chance of a bonus photo box
  • 20% chance of a bonus resource box

Photo boxes

When you get a photo box you have the (optional) ability to take a picture of the location where you discovered this vault and push it to Twitter or Facebook. When you upload your photo, you get additional crypto as reward. (In addition, we will start rewarding the coolest vault picture pushed to twitter every month with an additional reward!)

Resource boxes

Resource boxes contain blueprints and resources needed to craft additional avatars.

Exporting Funds

It’s our goal to offer a variety of export partners to our users but today we are starting with one of the leading crypto wallet providers in the world :

If you take a look at the MY VAULT section of the game, you will see how much cryptos you have accumulated from opening vaults so far. At the bottom you will find an export to uphold button.

Press this and it will ask to enter the exact email address you registered your UPHOLD account under. If you do not have an UPHOLD account yet, we will send you an email with instructions. (NOTE : Make sure to enter the correct email address as once you enter it we will send your funds to that account and this is irreversible. )

Placing your HQ

Once you get your hands on your first green key, a icon will appear on your map: a green house. Pressing this will allow you to place your headquarters (HQ) anywhere in the world.

Only you can see your HQ, it’s invisible to all other users. Typically you would place your HQ in a location you visit often like your home, your work or your favorite coffee shop as it will give you access to a range of advanced game features. (It also gives you a free green key every day!)

Inviting friends

Once you have your HQ up and running you will also be able to generate your referral code to invite new users to the game.

Open your HQ, tap invite friends and pick a method you prefer to send your invitation to your friends. If the friend accepts the invitation and starts playing you will both receive a reward!

Buddy Quests

Inviting friends to the game has another big benefit: Buddy Quests. If you invited friends to the game and they placed their own HQ you are both now eligible to receive buddy quests. At random intervals a buddy quest can now spawn for the both of you. I won’t spoil the surprise but you will need to work together to solve it. But if you solve it you both get a yellow prize box as reward!

Print Shops

Print shops are very rare, but are mostly found in big malls & parks. When you find one, you will have the ability to print new avatars. How does it work?

  1. Insert the blueprint of the avatar you want to print into the print shop.
  2. The print shop will now show you what resources you need to craft this avatar.
  3. Insert the required resources and hit print.
  4. Your new avatar is now being printed for you, once it is ready just collect it from the print shop!

Changing your avatar

Everybody starts with the default blue cubie as an avatar. If you have printed (or received) another avatar you can swap between avatars in the settings menu.


So far we talked a lot about how we are giving away cryptocurrencies to our players. Let’s talk about how we are planning to make money:

Player Marketplace

Next year we will launch a marketplace where users can trade game items such as Blueprints, resources, keys with each other. We will take a small fee on every transaction

Token partners

Once we established a platform with a decent user base that has users playing a fun game to get their hands on tokens we can attract token teams that are looking to airdrop their tokens to engaged players in a fun & interactive way. We will charge a small fee for this.

Brick & mortar partners

Since Coin Hunt World is played out over the real world we can drive foot traffic to businesses that want to market their offerings to our players. In the future you might find coupon codes for free products at certain key spots on the map.

Current TEST focus: Events

Let’s talk about the newest feature that we are currently rolling out right now: events. We will be organizing tons of community events next year with extra rewards, unique avatars and much much more.

In order to test these new features we will have a test event coming up starting this week: Halloween!

One of the new avatars that will drop during the Halloween event!

We need as many testers as possible to participate in this event, the rewards will be worth your time! :)

More information on the Halloween event will be announced this week.

What is on the horizon?

As we are move trough the different stages of beta, we are slowly getting closer to launch.

Let’s finish by looking a little ahead in the future and talk about an upcoming feature I am most excited about: user vaults!

User Vaults

With User Vaults, players will be able to place their own vaults anywhere on the planet.

Why would you do that? Because the owner of a user vault gets a small fee of every reward his user vault gives out to other players. But vaults cannot be placed too close to each other. So you can imagine the first player to claim ownership of a vault on the Hollywood sign will see a lot of players using their vault, generating a steady stream of cryptocurrency for them.

This is just the first step of allowing the community to take ownership of virtual real estate on the game map of Coin Hunt World and I can’t wait to see what the community will do with this!



Explore your city. Train your mind and body. Earn rewards! Coin Hunt World is a mobile geolocation game in which players earn rewards while exploring the world, exercising and learning!

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