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Thanksgiving Event!

Gobble Gobble hunters!

For the next 48 hours, the Thanksgiving Event is active in Coin Hunt World USA, CA and UK (from 00:00 Nov 25 to 00:00 Nov 27 UTC).

During the event, all vaults will have a chance to drop the Thanksgiving Cubie Blueprint! This new common BP allows you to craft the most magnificent Thanksgiving Cubie the world has ever seen! This unique blueprint will only drop during this year’s event.

Also, during the event a new Trivia category might pop up: Thanksgiving! Learn some new things about your favorite turkey-feast holiday while you are out hunting for the BP!

Finally, as a special surprise, the quantity of paint from Blue Vault resource boxes has been boosted from 25x to 100x for the duration of the event… Paintsgiving is upon us!

Important: This event requires the latest version of the Coin Hunt World! app (v1.0.5.x). Make sure to update using either Google Play Store or Apple TestFlight to join the Turkey festivities!

Happy Hunting & Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinners!



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