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The Elemental Invasion has ended!

Hello Hunters! We knew you were all very eager to participate in this event, but oh boy, we did not expect that you would all go this hard! This is was truly a record-breaking event, with so many players participating that we crashed the servers twice due to heavy load. (We upgraded our servers already, no worries).

Let’s take a look at some stats!

All together, the hunters:

  • opened a total of 380,000 Elemental Invasion resource boxes!
  • collected Bitcoin: 0.59263027 and Ethereum: 8.427386

How many crystals did the hunters find?

  • 8 million air crystals
  • 4 million water crystals
  • 4 million earth crystals
  • 880K fire crystals

How many Blueprints did the hunters find?

  • 4,000 Air Cubie BPs
  • 1,700 Water Cubie BPs
  • 1,700 Earth Cubie BPs
  • 348 Fire Cubie BPs

How many Monoliths did the hunters spawn?

  • 6400 Air Monoliths
  • 4800 Water Monoliths
  • 4800 Earth Monoliths
  • 575 Fire Monoliths

How many Elemental Hearts did the hunters collect?

  • 6,600 Air Hearts
  • 5,500 Earth Hearts
  • 5,400 Water Hearts
  • 1,175 Fire Hearts

Who had first prints?

  • Air Cubie = Abs123
  • Earth Cubie = Roman
  • Water Cubie = Zach
  • Fire Cubie = Jrnightingale

How many cubies where printed?

  • Air Cubie 745
  • Earth Cubie 276
  • Water Cubie 270
  • Fire Cubie 7

Who hunted the hardest during this event?

  • Jrnightingale: 4144 vaults opened
  • Lionlocks: 3064 vaults opened
  • Psycho808: 2954 vaults opened
  • BlocBoi: 2703 vaults opened
  • Jennni808: 2444 vaults opened

And some fun stats to end with:

  • What is the highest number of hunters that interacted with the same Monolith? (25)
  • How many hunters opened a red boosted vault? (45)
  • What’s the furthest a hunter travelled to open a red boosted vault? (2,800km)

As you can see, this event was a huge success for us, so a big shout out to all the hunters who participated. We hope you all had a blast and we look forward to the next event!

Happy Hunting!



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