The Las Vegas Monument!

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4 min readMar 17


Attention Hunters!

Last weekend about 200 hunters travelled from all over the world to do two things : party hard and build the Las Vegas Monument!

It’s safe to say they succeeded in both tasks, so today we are proud to announce that the Las Vegas Monument is now a permanent addition to Las Vegas and is active for all players!

This means that whenever you and your friends are visiting Sin City, there is a super fun & challenging quest waiting for you to complete. This quest can only be completed once!

The Las Vegas Monument Quest

It all starts at one of the largest resorts on the Las Vegas Strip : Resorts World! When you start getting close to it you will see the monument on your map :

Here is where you start the quest

You need to be inside Resorts World to start the quest, so walk as close as you can towards the monument and tap on it. (We’re serious — walk into Resorts World! You’ll like what you see!)

Help Kookoopuffs collect his lucky card deck

The quest is simple enough:

After some unexpected aerial maneuvers on his private jet, Kookoopuffs has lost his lucky deck of cards! They have been scattered all across the Las Vegas strip. Collect all the cards to make a complete deck and bring it back to him for a reward!

In order to start Kookoopuff’s quest, you will need to pay one yellow key. Once this is done an event icon will show up on your screen. Tap on this icon to take you to the event overview page.

Monitor your progress on the event page

Where can I find each card?

  • All the cards, except the aces, can drop from solving blue and green vaults around Las Vegas.
  • The ACE OF DIAMONDS has a 30% drop chance from all green vaults
  • The other ACES are rewarded from finishing 3 different minigames.
  • These minigames can be found at certain iconic locations on the Las Vegas Strip, in between Resorts World and the Las Vegas Sign (Yellow vault location).

What do I do with these Jokers?

  • If you solve a vault and the card inside is a card you already have, then the game will give you a joker card instead.
  • Once you have collected 10 jokers you can bring them to the Shady Card Dealer to swap them for a card you do not have yet. The Shady Card Dealer’s price is firm — no discounts!
  • You cannot get Aces from the Shady Card Dealer.

The Shady Card Dealer

  • Every day from 4:20pm to 4:20am PST, a notorious Las Vegas resident known as the Shady Card Dealer cubie will appear on the sidewalk in front of Resorts World.
  • He can help you find your missing cards, but at a steep price.
  • It will cost 10 jokers to receive one card you do not own yet. There’s no negotiating with the Shady Card Dealer — you want a card, the price is 10 jokers!
  • You can trade with the Shady Card Dealer as many times as you want. For example, if you have 100 jokers, you can get 10 of your missing cards from him.
  • Use the Shady Card Dealer at the end of your hunt to fill in the missing cards.
  • There’s increased security for Aces and the Shady Card Dealer has been unable to source any. Therefore, to repeat, you cannot get Aces from the Shady Card Dealer.

Deck completed? Bring it back to Kookoopuffs!

Once you have completed the deck, there is only one more thing left to do : bring it back to Kookoopuffs at Resorts World and claim your prize!

You will receive:

  • The Vegas High Roller cubie!
  • The Las Vegas Monument NFT!
  • The Las Vegas HQ Blueprint!
The Vegas High Roller Cubie!

We hope everybody who visited / will be visiting Las Vegas has a great time playing this unique quest-line. The Las Vegas strip is already a super exciting place to visit, so when you add in a fun questline that requires you to walk all up and down the strip, you end up having quite the adventure!

Are you ready? The Las Vegas Monument quest is waiting for you!

Happy Hunting!


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