Blockchain projects, team up with Coin Master!

Coin Master is the ultimate cryptocurrency portfolio managing app. Effortlessly monitor and manage all blockchain assets in one place. Keep track of all market trends across over 30 mainstream exchanges. Moreover, powered by Rating Token, Coin Master integrates more than 6000+ comprehensive ICO/STO information. Uniquely, Coin Master provides visualized project social sentiment analytics, social trends and timelines for investors.

Project updates on a concentrated place:

Coin Master could highlight important project update to investors. We support rich media contents (e.g., YouTube, medium, marketing material…) on our ICO/STO project page.Now, you can update important project information and keep all your investors eyes on the latest project updates on Coin Master.

Your own community trends assistant:

Coin Master integrates multi-dimensional data such as social trends, sentiment analysis, etc., and present them in graphic form.Under a massive social media context, the valuable visualized data could either allow team members to understand their community deeply or help investors to comprehensive understand projects and their potential.

A bridge to connect blockchain target investor around the world

For your marketing strategies via Coin Master, we provide a specific deep link. By this link, mobile users can access your project detail page directly and subscribe the notification/alert of your primary events, such as project status, on new exchanges, staffs change, latest project progress and others important reports. Everything you try to deliver through telegram can be precisely done on Coin Master!

Deep Link Demo:
For better user experience, we recommend you to use mobile device to open the deep link!


  1. Best mobile experience to serve your fans, follow project status and know your outstanding works.
  2. Your own data console-Daily monitor social analytics, media trends, weekly activities and Github status
  3. When your project listed on Coin Master, you will also be listd on our professional rating service — Rating Token website, which provides rating reports for Binance Info.
  4. You can easily monitor your community trends, which is an important factor for listing on mainstream exchange.
  5. You could deliver important information to your investor in more efficient and costless approach.
  6. Currently, it’s totally FREE for your join!
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