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It seems every day the Blockchain is updated with a new currency. Some are just currencies meant for trade, while others have dedicated apps with utilities for the tokens. It’s the tokens with utilities that tend to do the best.

One of these apps will be called GastroAdvisor. They will be connecting restaurants and users to each other through AI driven recommendations. It even has a currency called the FORK token. The purpose is to do away with fake reviews.

Gastronomy is defined as either ‘The art or science of good eating,’ or ‘A style of cookery, as of a particular region.’ GastroAdvisor plans to unite the gastronomies of the world in one place. They have a three-tiered review system to give users a clear picture about what restaurant to eat at while traveling.

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GastroAdvisor will allow users to book restaurants, pay for their meal in cryptocurrency, rate their experience, and read reviews that are not falsified in any way. A dedicated search engine will use artificial intelligence that learns from users personal ratings to tell them about the best eateries in any area in the world.

It’s estimated that more than 15 million gastronomic businesses are open every day, serving meals to people all over the world. Sadly, not all stay open for a long time due to information not being readily available to the public about the quality of their food.

GastroAdvisor solves this problem by creating the first global platform specializing in the gastronomic sector. Users and businesses can add new restaurants and update business information. The data will be verified by the GastroAdvisor team to give 100% precise information about restaurants. App information will use machine learning to give users a more personal experience than other food review apps.

The search engine will start with 800,000 plus different venues in Europe, but will expand with usage of the app. There’s more than 100 advanced search options. A geo-localized map will allow users to find eateries around them, as well as anywhere on Earth. It will even give directions and allow you to book reservations online, over the phone, or by sending an email.

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Restaurateurs can add and update information, view transactions, manage bookings, create menus and special offers, as well as manage reviews online and more. The app profiles will allow businesses to keep their own digital brand identity. It even offers promotional items through the app.

The token used in the app to pay for meals and reward users and restaurants will be called GastroAdvisors. Its symbol will be FORK. FORKs will be vouchers for users and affiliate restaurants to get the benefits of the GastroAdvisor network. Each app will have an actual ERC20 Ethereum wallet that will have full functionality.

Rewards will be awarded for reviews, media, and recipes. Users will also get rewards for adding venues and accurate information. Restaurateurs will get rewards for managing info, online booking, token acceptance, and highly rated reviews.

FORKs will be available for sale starting on September 3, 2018, in a pre-ICO and three ICO rounds concluding on December 16, 2018, at 12:00 am. The App will open in alpha stage during this period. Accepted currencies will be Ethereum, Bitcoin, EUR, and USD.

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This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x.