CoinAnalyst enters into partnership with MOBU

We are happy to announce a partnership with MOBU, a decentralised STO (Security Token Offering) platform, on which real businesses will be able to launch their security tokens.

MOBU offers a security token issuance protocol to facilitate the release of compliant security tokens on the blockchain and will also own an equity stake in a licensed operational stock exchange to ensure the liquidity of investors’ funds. It plans to use CoinAnalyst technology for vetting STO’s and service providers as trust is very important in the ICO/ STO market. Pascal Lauria, Founder and CEO of CoinAnalyst, comments on this cooperation: “We are convinced that the partnership with MOBU will be successful and are looking forward to the exciting projects together.”

Juan Engelbrecht, Founder and CEO of MOBU adds: “We are happy about this partnership that shows the high credibility for both companies and looking forward to use CoinAnalyst’s AI-based technology for our vetting processes.”

About MOBU

MOBU is a decentralised blockchain based organised STO platform for launching compliant security tokens. Real businesses such as property development companies, gold mines, retail companies and many more will be able to launch security tokens on the MOBU platform. MOBU connects approved entrepreneurs and investors by cutting out middlemen.

For more information on the MOBU, please reach out to