New technology partnership with Nebula Exchange. And we’ll be listed.

Dear CoinAnalyst,

we are pleased to announce our partnership with Nebula Exchange, the unique centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that combines a state-of-art trading platform with news, technical analyses, user reviews and P2P messaging.

Nebula Exchange combines a state-of-the-art trading platform with social networking, news and research. Share your knowledge or seek the wisdom of others in the chat, write and rate detailed reviews for each cryptocurrency, follow users, and even compare chart TA and price targets. Nebula Exchange is the only place where you can hear opinions from all sides before choosing your next big investment. Trade top currencies in a fun setting and earn reputation points by helping newcomers learn the ropes. Whether you are a seasoned trader or it’s your first day on the market the Nebula is a place where everyone can reach for the stars.

Rohan Juneja, CEO of Nebula Exchange says: “We have a vision of providing traders with access to news, research and data that would help them make informed trading decisions and this partnership with CoinAnalyst is a big step towards fulfilling it.”

Nebula Exchange guarantees the listing of the CoinAnalyst’s token, COY, on their trading platform. It also will integrate CoinAnalyst-solution by offering it to their customers. This will give them the opportunity to use CoinAnalyst technology and to invest and trade more informedly and safely. Pascal Lauria, CEO and founder of CoinAnalyst, comments on this cooperation: “We believe in our successful partnership with Nebula Exchange and we are very happy to contribute to more transparency in cryptocurrencies and to support the Nebula Exchange users in making more informed investment decisions.”

For more information on the Nebula Exchange, please reach out to