Perfect for Crypto Influencers: New 3rd-party integration allows direct sharing of insights

Sep 12 · 2 min read

It‘s the ideal combination: With the newest 3rd-party integration, CoinAnalyst Insights users can now feed their social media profiles with insights directly from our research platform.

Social Media is part of the DNA of CoinAnalyst. Social networks are the place where most crypto traders get a large part of their insights from. Crypto influencers on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram play a major role in the decision-making process of Millions of crypto traders.

But the truly great thing about Social Media is: everyone can take part in this. There is still a lot of space for newcomers in this area. One doesn‘t have to have thousands of followers to have influence. Tons of opportunities for unique stories and content give everyone the chance to gain reach and influence.

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So how does it work?

With CoinAnalyst Insights, it is easy to identify interesting projects, events, developments, and to gain valuable insights — which is the perfect basis for attractive, relevant content. Then, this content can be shared with just two clicks on social media.

Socializer Engagement, the now integrated solution, is an intuitive social media management tool which allows to manage profiles on all relevant social media platforms from one place. This not only saves a lot of time in contrast to manually publishing on several networks one after the other. It also allows for convenient workflows like scheduling of posts — even in networks which don‘t support this feature on their own.

We think this integration is a great addition to CoinAnalyst Insights, and we hope you check it out. Tell us what you think, so we can improve the integration and workflows, and even add more integrations in the future. Thanks!

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