We extend our ICO until March.

Following consultation with advisors and investors, we have decided that the prolonging of the token sale will allow us to achieve our ICO goals very well.

In terms of our Token, we already have achieved quite a lot: We partnered with significant exchange platforms like www.trade.io and www.nebula.exchange to provide a guaranteed listing of the COY. And just recently, we as a company and our Smart Contract were verified by the leading audit rating platform for token offerings TokenGrade™.

However, in the last few months, cryptocurrency markets have undergone significant changes. In November Bitcoin had its worst performance in seven years, which seemed to affect the prices of all other cryptocurrencies.

Considering these current unfavorable market conditions, we believe that the ICO extension will give token holders and potential investors more benefits from participating in this project. Our partner Nexus Global, a multinational MLM company, also asked us for the ICO extension that will give its members more time to purchase tokens. In addition, the potential investors could have more time for their Due Diligence and decision-making procedures.

Having in mind all these reasons, CoinAnalyst will extend its ICO until 31st March 2019. We are very confident that we can achieve much more for everyone with the extension of the ICO and are thankful for all the great support from our investors and early believers. Therefore, anyone who has already invested through our website until the end of November will receive another 5% bonus. The bonus will be credited automatically over the next few days.