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Coinance for Android Has Launched & v1.2 Update for iOS: Add Coins Manually, Check Your Portfolio Development And Much More!

It is a great pleasure for me to announce our second big feature update and more important finally the Android Version. We are super excited to support Coinance now for even more users! The version has all features from our first iOS launch version and here is a screenshot from the App.

Though Android users don’t have access to wallet features like on iOS yet, but stay tuned we are working very hard and trying to bring it up on sync with iOS over the next few weeks that you can also connect all your APIs and manage your portfolio!

Link for Android version: Google Play Store

Further our new update v1.2 for iOS has the following cool new features in our Wallet section (for signed up users):

You are now able to click on your total portfolio value of all your wallets and we’ll show you the development of it over time. By that you can see how much your portfolio has lost or gained over time. You can see how it works here in the GIF.

Also the charts are now clickable and you can see what the value was when you click on the chart. This feature took us way too long to implement. You requested that a long time ago. Sorry about that! ;)

Next big feature is that you can now add your coins (or holdings how we call it) manually. With that feature, all of your wallets/coins can be tracked now, no matter if we support the exchanges via API or not. You can also edit and change it later too if you made any transactions or changes on your manual holdings. By that we are giving you the chance to fully manage all of your wallets in one app.

We are looking forward to your feedback and again like every time at this point ask what you guys want us to build next? Which features are you missing and would make you love the App more?

Stay tuned and follow us. We’ll continue to build this App for you!


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