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How to Add Your Exchange Wallets to Coinance

Since our newwest update v1.1, users are able to link their exchange wallets via API keys to Coinance. This feature will reduce the hassle of signing into several exchanges, filling out excel spreadsheets and will help users to be faster up to date about their account / wallet balances. So far we support the 6 biggest crypto exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Gdax, Kraken and Poloniex. All a user has to do is simply scan the QR code of your API key or enter it manually to connect your favorite exchanges with us.

Add your favorite exchanges to Coinance


The most important thing upfront: Our users privacy and security are our top priorities. We don’t collect any unnecessary data about our users holdings or usage behaviour. All the API key pairs are securely encrypted and saved on the device and won’t be sent to our servers. Also, we wrote a detailed article about any security concerns with a code example how we are handling the API keys.

That being said, we want to show you in a step-by-step guide how to create API keys on the different exchanges and connect them with Coinance.

1. Create an API Key in Binance

a. Go to your user account and and scroll down to the API section on the left side.

b. Click API Settings and enter a name for your new key. For example: “Coinance”

c. Once you have clicked on “Create New Key”, Binance sends you an eMail in which you have to confirm that you want to create a new API key

d. You are all set and can scan / enter your key pair in Coinance

2. Create an API key in Bitfinex

a. Click on your profile icon on the very top right and select “API”

b. Enlarge the “Create New Key” section

c. Label your new API key as “Coinance” and click on “Generate API key”

d. You are all set and can scan / enter your key pair in Coinance

3. Connect to Coinbase Account

a. Login with you Coinbase Information inside the Coinance App

b. (If necessary authorise your device first and restart the setup process inside Coinance again)

c. Click on Authorize that you give us permission to access your information

d. You are all set and your account is connected

4. Create an API key in GDAX

a. Open the menu in the top navigation bar and click on the item “API”

b. Checkmark at least the “View” box under Permissions

c. Click on “Create API Key” and authorize it with your Two-Factor Identification if necessary

d. Copy your API key, secret and passphrase into Coinance to connect the account

e. You are all set

5. Create an API key in Kraken

a. Click on “Settings” in the menu pane

b. Click on “API”, then on “Generate new Key”

c. Give at least the permission “Query Funds” so that we can retrieve your info

d. You are all set and can scan / enter your key pair in Coinance

6. Create an API key in Poloniex

a. Click in the top navigation bar on the “Settings Icon”

b. Click on “API Keys”

c. Click on “Generate New Key”. Poloniex will send you an email in which you have to click on the link

d. Inside the same Window, you have to click on “Show” to also see your API secret. Poloniex will send you another email which you have to approve

e. Copy the API key and secret into Coinance to connect your account




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