Official Launch of Our New Coinance Website

Felix Gerlach
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2 min readMay 28, 2018


We are excited to unveil the official launch of our new website! As we continue to build more great services for our Coinance users, this will be a great space keep you up to date and to find more information on our product.

On our new site you will find more information on who we are, our mission, our stance on security and privacy, and answers to commonly asked questions. As always, please let us know if you have any feedback (we value our your opinion).

We are also pretty excited because we are launching on a new domain:
Do you like it like we do?

We’ve noticed that we received a good amount of questions via eMail or in our Telegram group in regards to security, data protection and privacy. So we focused to answer major questions already on our new landing page!

Screenshot of our newly launched Website

We are working hard to also launch our team page within the next days. So keep an eye on us! We are happy to invite you and check it out by yourself. If you have any questions, just connect with us via eMail or Telegram and we are happy to help you!


Apple AppStore

Google PlayStore

Coinance Telegram Group

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