Faris Brni
May 30 · 2 min read

It is quite a while you heard something from CoinBlick. The simple reason is that I was pretty busy implementing some nice features and improvements on the new CoinBlick version.

New Sources

This Update is very small from a UI perspective but includes new news sources, which is really nice. I am watching the Crypto Scene on Medium for a long time already and I always enjoy reading from websites like hackernoon.com, so I decided to add them both to CoinBlick. In addition to that, I’ve added the CoinBlick Blog (this blog), so readers have easier access to it.

Also with this update, I made it much easier to add new sources, that why you will probably see new sources coming in “on the fly” in the near future. You will hear about it on our twitter and facebook pages.

Minor Updates

These are some minor updates we did:

  • Enabled iPad Version
  • Fetching coins in Markets tab is much faster now
  • A Chart Preview in now shown for your favourite coins
  • You can now read articles in a Safari similar in-app browser
  • Smaller bug fixes and UI improvements

CoinBlick is an independent Crypto News App with the focus on providing the most important and readworthy crypto related articles of the day. Download the iOS version now or sign up for the Android version on the website.


AI-driven, personalised, and distraction-free Crypto News

Faris Brni

Written by

Software Engineer, Crypto Friend and Creator of @CoinBlick. I like reading, writing, and spending time with my family.



AI-driven, personalised, and distraction-free Crypto News

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