CoinBlick got more than 580 Upvotes on Product Hunt. This is how I did it.

The Crypto News Aggregator app CoinBlick got featured on BetaList and Product Hunt. Here I share the insights.

Faris Brni
Apr 25 · 6 min read
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The BetaList submission

Last week was pretty exciting for CoinBlick. On Friday, the 12th of April, I got an email from BetaList that CoinBlick got featured on their website and that it will be shown on their front page for the whole day. Those were pretty awesome news since I was waiting for already 3 weeks to get the CoinBlick submission approved. Here’s how the BetaList website looked at that day:

CoinBlick on BetaList

Finally on Product Hunt

Coming back to the main topic, our Product Hunt launch, which happened last Monday, the 15th of April. This one was even more exciting since Product Hunt is the best source for a young project to get the first users and feedback. I was pretty excited since there’s also a huge intersection between Product Hunt users and Cryptocurrency investors.

The days before the launch

Prior to that, I was investigating the best practices for posting on Product Hunt and realized that there might be a correlation between the success of a submission to its hunter. The “Hunter” is the person that actually posts the new product on PH. Besides that, there’s a “Maker” role for the person that made it. So I decided to reach out to prominent Hunters including Bram Kanstein, the most successful (in terms of upvotes) Hunter ever existed on PH.

Mail to Bram Kanstein

The day of the launch

On Monday the submission was scheduled for 04:00 AM Pacific Time. One hour prior to that Bram Kanstein unexpectedly answered my email with the following content: “Cool! I can post you on Product Hunt.”. I was totally overwhelmed! I tried to delete my submission so that he can actually submit it, but… this was not possible.

The days after the launch

The Product Hunt launch ended on the first day with approximately 480 Upvotes, which was pretty unexpected and awesome. I was also really happy to get some reviews by users that were actually using CoinBlick for a few weeks already. Later that day I received the daily Product Hunt newsletter where CoinBlick got featured as well:

Product Hunt Newsletter
App Usage by Region

The next chapter

I will, of course, continue pushing the marketing for CoinBlick. Last time I was also talking about building a community. This will of course continue. Speaking of development, I will soon continue on the Android version of CoinBlick. My newsletter for Android sign-ups is growing. That shows me there’s is definitely some interest.


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