10 Crypto Halloween Costume Ideas

Some fun costume ideas for dressing up this Halloween season

CoinBundle Team
Oct 18, 2018 · 5 min read

It’s almost Boo-time and we decided to give you some Halloween costume ideas if you want to be original this year. You may need to explain your costume to everyone who sees you, but what better way to spread some crypto love and get sweet treats at the same time? Enjoy these costume ideas and have a fun, safe night out there!

This is not financial investment advice. It’s fun!

Phantom FOMO

The classic ghost costume. This one will never get old and there are 1000 ways to play around with the idea of your spectacular spectre. A white sheet with eye holes will be your quickest way to implement an apparition option this Halloween season. Don’t miss the bus on this one, folks! You have to be a ghost this year. If you don’t go out as a poltergeist, then you you’re not gonna get all the best treats! Do it or else!

Somebody woke the hibernating beast just for the chance to get some candies?! A silent but violent creature… the bear can also be snuggly or playful. If you prefer the teddy bear over the version that nature has provided us, then think about adding a little bit of blood and guts. Teddy bears are always a little creepy anyways, so make your costume even more spooky by ripping out some stuffing and dragging it’s bloody, mangled mess behind you as you meander through the streets.

The iconic symbol of power and elegance… the bull charges the matador with the wavy red cloth. Bulls indicate a strong, upward-moving market, so this bull should appear strong and healthy. Maybe you can get some of those Texas Longhorns from the front of Bubba’s pickup truck and fasten them to your own head somehow. Just make sure you ask Bubba before you take his stuff.

Someone can have all sorts of fun making a costume of this hybrid crypto tycoon. Find clever ways of blending features of a whale and a bear together. Design your very own crypto chimera. Will you sport a whale head and blow hole and a big ol’ hairy bear butt? Or will you bare your sharp teeth while you flap your flippin’ fluke around for some treats this year?

Folks from countries all over the world can have fun with this one. Find fun ways to exhibit your national coin money. You can even go all out and make yourself into a gold-plated coin. Just be careful. I hear that molten gold can burn you. If you’re not into being dipped into smelted precious metal, then you can opt for wrapping your coin costume in metal foil, or even spraying it with a metallic paint. Just because you are dressed up as fiat, doesn’t mean you need to huff the spray paint, too. So use it according to the label.

Aaaaaaarrrrguably the most famous underground traders this side of the Seven Seas, these silky smooth swashbucklers come and go as if trained by ninjas since birth. Pirate ninjas? Aye-aye! Have fun dressing up as your favorite digital bar maiden or binary buccaneer.

Because that’s what you drive for fun when you’re filthy rich from cryptos. Rub it in. Don’t make one out of cardboard and hang it from the walls of your red wagon while having your buddy pull you behind them with a rope tied to the back of their bike. Don’t do that. It’s lame. Just go buy a real Lambo and drive it.

This can go one of two ways. Let’s stay appropriate and maintain our dignity this Halloween by representing the moon as it actually exists in orbit above us. (or from some other angle if you’re joining us from beyond Earth’s gravity somewhere.) Nanu Nanu

The kind that don’t really blast off or blow up on the pad. Make it fun, like a huge toilet paper tube-framed rocket structure with a long length of huge rope dangling and dragging behind as a fuse. Make your fuse really stand out and POP by setting it ablaze with a sparkler. If you start the night with 10 fingers, you should end up with 10… still connected. Be safe.

This can be a huge upright popsicle like your typical wooden-handled pops. This particular pop happens to be multifaceted with 3 sides — each expressing a different emotion of fear, uncertainty, and doubt… melting in it’s ooey gooey chocolatey goodness. Go nuts with this one, guys!


So, you have an awesome idea to dress up as some geeky crypto blockchain thing for Halloween? AWESOME! Do it and take pics and tag #coinbundlecom on Twitter with your costume idea! Thanks and be safe!

What are you dressing up as this year?
Let us know in the comments!


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We're not another typical boring crypto project. Follow us to get the best crypto-articles and of course big announcements about CoinBundle.

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