FunBundles: 9 Interesting Places You Can Pay With Crypto

I didn’t know they accepted Bitcoin… these are some of the places that you may have never considered to take cryptos

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Oct 4, 2018 · 5 min read

Crypto can be used to purchase so many cool and interesting things! It is common to hear that cryptocurrency can be used to purchase your morning coffee or for ordering pizza, but in this article we present to you some things you might never have thought cryptocurrency could buy. Take a look!

Funeral Homes

Funerals can be tough… and expensive. Luckily, you now have another option of how to pay for them! A funeral home in Minnesota called Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation began accepting Bitcoins to pay for their services after the crypto boom of late 2017. Do you know a crypto enthusiast whose last wish would be for you to pay for their funeral with their beloved digital currency?

Plastic Surgery Offices

Most of our beautiful readers probably aren’t looking for a plastic surgeon at the moment, nonetheless, we present to you Dr. Edward Domanskis. This plastic surgeon has offices across California and has begun accepting Bitcoin from his clients! Who would have thought that the crypto revolution would stir folks to buy a new face or reduce that pesky muffin top?


Among all the things you can donate to your respected church, cryptocurrency is rarely one of them. However, if you still cant believe your luck following the crypto boom and feel someone must have been listening to your prayers, you can now pay it forward as the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Goshen, NY began accepting Bitcoin donations as early as 2013! What a financially savvy institution!

Firearm Dealers

Handguns and rifles are meant to be difficult to purchase, yet cryptocurrency has made the purchase of guns a little easier as many retailers are beginning to accept payments in crypto. Frontier Tactical, a US-based firearms manufacturer, is one such company who began accepting Bitcoin in late 2017. Although simply purchasing a firearm can hardly be considered a crime, it is important to keep in mind what other kinds of criminal activity cryptocurrency could open the door for.


Space flight still maintains a futuristic aura about it, so why not embrace the currencies of the future to help make space flight a common mode of transportation? This is exactly what Virgin Galactic thought when they began accepting Bitcoin as down payments for their future space flights for tourists. Richard Branson has been one of cryptocurrency’s most prominent advocates and has stayed true to his word with this recent investment in Bitcoin. Maybe we will see the same from SpaceX or Blue Origin?

Subway Sandwiches

Cryptocurrency is also making headway in the fast food industry. Some Subway sandwich shops began accepting Bitcoin in exchange for their fresh subs! One franchise that owns multiple Subways in Buenos Aires, Argentina, allows hungry customers to pay for their food in Bitcoin. Pay Fresh: Some of these stores began accepting Bitcoin as early as 2014.

Online Dating Services

Crypto-rich and looking for a hot date? Many online dating services are open to accepting cryptocurrencies in exchange for their services. In 2013 the popular dating site, OkCupid, began accepting Bitcoin as payment. It would be interesting to ask OkCupid’s customers if the bitcoin they paid to find that perfect date 5 years ago was worth it?

Around Town

The taxi industry has been through some transformations recently. Sharing services like Uber and Lyft have stolen some of the traditional taxi service’s business. In an effort to stay relevant, many taxi companies have started to accept Bitcoins in exchange for their transport. There are some indications that accepting Bitcoins has had a positive influence on the traditional taxi industry, but it is interesting to note that Uber and Lyft have not transitioned to accepting cryptos. Do you think cryptos can turn on the green light for the conventional cab business?


University tuition is one of the largest expenses some people pay throughout their entire lives. Paying for college usually takes years of planning in advance or years of debt afterwards. Nonetheless, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, in Switzerland, recently committed to making it a little easier to get a higher education… at least for the crypto wealthy. Another school called Kings College, located in the United States, also began accepting Bitcoin as early as 2014! These moves indicate incredible confidence in Bitcoin. Is it possible that even larger universities will begin to accept cryptocurrencies in the future?


Hopefully we have introduced you to some places that you never would have associated with cryptocurrency. It is likely you can find a vendor somewhere who is willing to accept cryptocurrency if you look hard enough. It is also interesting to note that most of these businesses only accepted Bitcoin. Do you see another crypto, maybe Ethereum, that will gain the same confidence that these companies have instilled in Bitcoin?

Can you think of any other strange or unusual things that cryptocurrency can buy? Tell us about it in the comments!


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We're not another typical boring crypto project. Follow us to get the best crypto-articles and of course big announcements about CoinBundle.