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Sep 25, 2018 · 3 min read

The most user-friendly, on-the-go, cryptocurrency investment platform for the next generation has arrived and has many great things to offer. To begin, we have built, back-tested and implemented 3 bundles for investors to begin working with on the CoinBundle investment platform: Conservative, Aggressive, and Emerging.

We want you to meet the Aggressive Bundle!

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CoinBundle Investment Platform

CoinBundle is the easiest way for new investors to diversify their portfolios with several cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrencies mature as an asset class, the best solution for first time investors will be to take a portfolio approach to investing. We set out to build the easiest way for new investors around the world, in emerging markets, and in our own neighborhoods to take a bundle approach to investing. The unbanked gaining access to simple and safe investment opportunities is one of the greatest potentials for crypto.

🔥Start investing in bundles of cryptos https://app.coinbundle.com/

If you are curious to know what we offer our users, then look no further than here:

  • Zero trading and platform’s fees
  • Compliant
  • 2FA
  • One-click investing
  • Best-in-class custody
  • Insured funds
  • Military-grade security
  • Investment options based on:
  • Risk profile
  • Investment strategy
  • Personal beliefs

What is the Aggressive Bundle?

A slightly riskier investment than the Conservative Bundle, the ambitious Aggressive Bundle is diversified with 8 of the Top 20 altcoins and the 2 mcap giants, BTC and ETH. To maintain stability and reliable gains, this bundle is constructed of the following token composition:

Bitcoin BTC 25%

Ethereum ETH 15%

Ripple XRP 15%

Bitcoin Cash BCH 15%

Litecoin LTC 5%

Monero XRM 5%

Dash DASH 5%

ETH Classic ETC 5%

Stellar XLM 5%

Nem XEM 5%

These coins and tokens have proven that they can stand the test of time and are considered to be trusted performers for the time being. The price of each bundle will either increase or decrease as the performance individual tokens rises or falls. If the value of one coin in the bundle drops significantly, then the bundle owner will see the overall bundle price drop accordingly. The opposite is true when tokens perform well. We like upward movement around here.

Investing made simple:

  1. Sign up and verify your account;
  2. Choose a bundle;
  3. Choose the amount in $ value of bundes you want to buy. Remember that you can buy any amount from $10;
  4. Buy. The purchase will be done instantly and you’ll see your bundles in your portfolio.

Don’t hesitate to start investing in bundles and save your time on endless research, dozens of transactions and managing tons of accounts across exchanges and investment services.

All in one place, all in one click. Invest now.

Other Bundles

We also offer bundles with lower to moderately higher risk involved for the more comfortable and advanced investors:

  • Conservative Bundle
  • Emerging Bundle
  • Custom Bundles (Coming Soon)
  • Create and name your own bundle, then market your custom bundle to fellow investors and receive a share of the returns.

🔥Start investing in bundles of cryptos https://app.coinbundle.com/


If you would like to practice investing in bundles of cryptos on our BETA platform while earning free tokens and prizes, you can sign up at beta.coinbundle.com/signup

If you are ready to step into the simplified world of diversified crypto investing, you can sign up for the LIVE CoinBundle Investment Platform at app.coinbundle.com/signup

Welcome to the #CoinBundleFam!

What is more exciting?

The thrill of huge overnight profits, or the anticipation of long term gains?
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We're not another typical boring crypto project. Follow us to get the best crypto-articles and of course big announcements about CoinBundle.

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We're not another typical boring crypto project. Follow us to get the best crypto-articles and of course big announcements about CoinBundle.