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Our letter to private sellers, entrepreneurs, ethical small businesses.

Successful work, friends.

We, an international non-profit company coinBusiness (cB), offer cooperation to private sellers on the Internet, providing the services “Buyer Protection”, “Safe Payments”, “Collateral security “.

One of the most pressing issues facing sellers today is the issue of buyers’ trust, which is solved by marketplaces, which attracts good traffic. But what should sellers who want to work on their own do through their social account networks or a store site when even PayPal fails (in some countries) ?

We offer a solution using the coinBusiness public wallet, which is published on all community pages on the Internet.

Our public wallet 0x7bb***FdEb is ready to accept payments from your customers, for you.

Here are its benefits: The cB wallet is extremely difficult to confuse and impossible to replace, as this requires hacking all of our pages, which are developed and new ones are created, as we plan to cover other languages.

Transparency. The cB public wallet is located in the popular public blockchain Ethereum, Polygon Matic and others.

Any person, without permission, can check all accepted / outgoing transactions, date, time and other information.

No service charge, no commission. Users pay only the gas required by the blockchain to complete transactions.

As a currency, popular stablecoins BUSD are used, etc. Also, sellers can accept popular cryptocurrencies (if you are satisfied with the volatility of cryptocurrencies). If it is convenient for you and your customers, then we will help you.

We are constantly developing and looking for new opportunities to improve the functionality of services for you.

Want to try ? You can sign a contract for 1 month, then extend.

How it works ?

The seller places in a conspicuous place, in his account (page, website), a QR — cod link to the public coinBusiness wallet. Your buyers who want to use the “Buyer Protection” service pay to the cB public wallet. Further, when you see the payment, you send the purchased goods to the buyer. If the buyer, having received the goods, confirms the purchase, we transfer this money to the seller. If the buyer is dissatisfied with the product, and demands to return his money back, we return his money to his wallet.

Behind the coinBusiness company, there are specific responsible persons who bear full legal responsibility. Their accounts are on Linkedin, on social networks, and they are open to solving your questions or just chatting with you.



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coinBusiness is an international non-profit company for the development of private small businesses with social responsibility and environmental conservation.