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What does the term “ethical small business” we are considering partnering with mean ?

Ethical we call a business or entrepreneurship that does not harm a person, his life, his health and the environment, ecology, flora and fauna.

Ethical business is a business that meets the basics of a safe life and activity.

Does not violate the mental activity of a person, in various ways, including alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs.

Does not cause damage to human property, such as fraud, casinos, money lotteries, etc.

Does not degrade a person’s dignity, such as pornography, sexual harassment, and other insults. It also includes any discrediting of a person on racial, national, religious, gender and other grounds.

Small business means private enterprise with an annual turnover of not more than $100K or its equivalent. This includes the production, sale or resale of goods. Agriculture. Service.

⚠️ The international, non-profit company coinBusiness supports all activities that meet the definition of “ethical small business”, except for: usury; alcohol, drugs; magic, divination; pornography, sex services; money lotteries, casinos, bookmakers; dangerous substances; items officially prohibited by jurisdictions. 🚩



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coinBusiness is an international non-profit company for the development of private small businesses with social responsibility and environmental conservation.