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Which sellers can use our public wallet ?

So, we offer sellers of goods on the Internet to use the escrow service for their buyers. Using for this public wallet coinBusiness 0x7bb***FdEb . And, as a currency, you can use the well-known and popular stablecoins: USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI, PAX, PAXG.

The service can be used by small sellers, with any goods, except those that are not included in the concept of “ethical small business” . The number of prohibited goods includes: alcohol, narcotic substances, including those that intoxicate a person; lottery and cash draws; pornography, erotic materials; dangerous explosives; as well as items and substances prohibited by the official jurisdiction of countries.

Is this really a free service ? Yes. CoinBusiness is a non-commercial project and intends to remain so. No fees for our services, no sales fees. Users pay gas, which the blockchains themselves require for a transaction. Gas tariffs in cryptocurrencies of blockchains can be found on the official pages this is blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon MATIC, TRON and others.

Excess gas left after your transaction is non-refundable. Therefore, it is recommended to send gas as much as is required for the transaction.

Sell ​​your stuff anywhere, all over the internet. Sellers under their goods can publish their own wallet and a coinbusiness wallet nearby, offering the service “buyer protection” from coinbusiness to willing users. They are free to choose.

Publish your products where and how you like, write honestly about the shortcomings of the products you sell, if any, and do not deceive each other. And, we, your reliable rear.

In future articles, we will describe the details of this.



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coinBusiness is an international non-profit company for the development of private small businesses with social responsibility and environmental conservation.