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Why, having issued our tokens to attract investors, did we abandon this idea after half a year ?

Last December, our team, having consulted, decided that in order to do good deeds, start work, we need money.

Since none of us wants to spend our own money, it was decided to create tokens and sell them to investors.

We wrote a simple smart contract and issued 5 million tokens on the Polygon Matic blockchain, because on this blockchain, transactions are cheaper than on Ethereum.

From the beginning, we published a post announcing the sale of less than half of our tokens, with a reminder of the possible loss of all invested money.

Without selling a single token, we turned to a couple of advertising agencies and other sales specialists.

All of them unanimously stated, in fact, that it is necessary to come up with a beautiful lie, create the appearance of vigorous activity and sell it. For a small amount of money, several thousand subscribers will subscribe to you, this is called “promotion in social networks.” This is how most projects related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and tokenomics work.

They are not busy creating value for society, but devising tricks to get hold of other people’s money. With their fucking slogan “act like a billionaire”.

Fortunately, none of us even thought about such an adventure. Finally, realizing that we do not need any of this, they fell behind us.

  • coinBusiness was and remains a non-profit company !
  • We dont sell tokens created from “air” !
  • And let’s not chase investors.

We choose freedom, without hype, without other people’s money obtained through fraud. Be real, without bought followers and fake likes. We are happy to be what we are, cheerful enthusiasts.



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coinBusiness is an international non-profit company for the development of private small businesses with social responsibility and environmental conservation.