Coincast TV Season 1

Catch up on the entire first season of Coincast TV. Whether you are a crypto enthusiast, have an interest in blockchain or you just want to know more, Coincast TV is your weekly dose of blockchain news from around the world.

Episode 1

[10 Aug 2018] We head to a luxury island powered by crypto. We’ll look at why Cosplay is a multibillion dollar opportunity. And, the AI algorithm challenging Google.

Episode 2

[17 Aug 2018] We take a look at how Malta is becoming an economic superpower in the crypto economy. We look at the new app by Bamboo that purchases crypto with your spare change, and we visit the Tech and Crypto Convention by Wholesale Investor that took place in Sydney. Coincast TV interviews Bitcoin Australia’s Ben Ingram and we speak to Blockchain legal expert Toby Hicks to learn the difference between a security and a utility token.

Episode 3

[24 Aug 2018] We head to Las Vegas for BlockShow Americas. We speak to Michael Casey from the Netflix documentary ‘Banking on Bitcoin’. And will Bitcoin bounce back?

Episode 4

[31 Aug 2018] Former President of Nigeria Chief Obasanjo speaks about how blockchain can eliminate corruption. The first professor of cryptocurrency David Yermack shares how the groundbreaking technology is putting Wall Street on notice. Cryptocurrency commentator Fred Schebesta shares his views on the future of blockchain. Plus, we take a look at the major headlines, top cryptocurrencies and ICO’s to watch along with a special street chat to see what the public know about blockchain.

Episode 5

[ 7 Sept 2018] We look into the Chinese blockchain companies and exchanges who are setting up in Australia. We take a look at why former pro-golfer Greg Norman is getting involved in the development of a crypto-island. And here is a good reason to book your scale and clean, we talk to the dentist who is now accepting payment in Bitcoin.

Episode 6

[14 Sep 2018] We head to China for the opening of the Blockchain Centre Shanghai, we speak with Toni Lane Casserly on blockchain’s potential to save the planet, and the Australian Prime Minister stands up for blockchain.

Episode 7

[21 Sep 2018] We are on location in Singapore for Consensus and the Wholesale Investor Conference. We talk to a major telco about how blockchain will improve telecommunications and why business 101 should be a top priority for crypto startups.

Episode 8

[ 30 Sep 2018] Ethereum and Ripple battle it out in the top 5. We look at who has got the biggest coin and what it all means for the market cap. We also look at why traditional investors are dipping their toes into crypto and translate the weird things crypto people say.

Episode 9

[5 Oct 2018] We take a look at the bullion market fossicking for digital gold and chat to the old school investor who wants people to know about crypto. We also explore the blockchain job boom and the market analysis traders are turning to when it comes to navigating the crypto space.

Episode 10

[12 Oct 2018] This week, we’re coming to you from Bali, where blockchain was on the agenda at the IMF and World Bank annual meet-up. The China spy chip saga — what the hardware hack means for crypto. And remember the Power Rangers? We’ll tell you what the man who once “owned” them is doing now.

Episode 11

[19 Oct 2018] This week, cut price cloud storage. The Norwegian company that’s using blockchain to keep your data safe, sound and affordable. Ready player one, the conference that’s just for gamers. And putting the crazy into crypto, we round up the weirdest altcoins on the market.

Episode 12

[26 Oct 2018] On our season finale, we’ve got an exclusive interview with the man who co-founded Ethereum. The energy start-up that Richard Branson calls a blockchain powerhouse. How blockchain is helping you get a home loan faster. And we’ll share some of the best social media feeds to follow to keep your finger on the crypto pulse.