— Revolutionizing Viral Organic Social Media Growth

Since we first started planning CoinClaim, it was our belief that we could disrupt the social media marketing game. Now, we have some numbers to back it up.

Successful social media marketing is one of the most challenging tasks for marketers. Creating truly organic, viral content is the Eldorado — the stuff legends are made of. The CoinClaim team, which consists of marketing veterans from around the world, thought that by adding cryptocurrencies into the mix for social media marketing, we could create an incentive for everyday users to widely share content everywhere in exchange for a small payment of cryptocurrency.

CoinClaim Test Case

We spent most of 2018 developing the CoinClaim marketing platform, which automatically rewards users cryptocurrency in exchange for promoting brands, products or tokens in social media. The system works with Bitcoin, Ethereum or any ERC-20 token.

Companies create automated marketing campaigns in the company Dashboard. They decide which tasks need to be completed and how much to award users. The system calculates the amount of company tokens required for the campaign, and automatically adds them to the user’s wallet after completion of campaign.

We created our own, internal token called CLM (short for CLaiM) to use as an incentive for users to interact with the site. For example, users are awarded 5 each day they login and click a link. We also used CLM to test campaigns and refine the system, so that when we offer the solution to client companies, we will have worked out most of the bugs. We subsequently listed our CLM token on two crypto exchanges. (hopefully a benefit for us later)

Our tests resulted in a degree of success beyond our wildest expectations. In fact, it is the kind of exponential growth that marketing dreams are made of.

To make the system even more viral, we developed a referral program where users can refer friends or larger groups of people and earn even more CLM. By adding a minimum threshold for referrals to hit before the referrer’s reward is unlocked we prompted even more sharing.

Just how successful is CoinClaim in its first month of full operation? Let’s head to the numbers and see. We’ll focus on the time period between 26 Nov and 2 Dec 2018, because this is when meteoric growth began.(Please note that the numbers are increasing at a high rate and will be much higher after the launch of this article) :

Account and Campaign Stats

The most important stats come from the CoinClaim database.

After running 43 campaigns, we’ve seen:

  • 17,781 user registrations
  • 72,552 completed marketing tasks by our users
  • 34,582 unique social accounts used in tasks
  • 30,919 daily login tasks claims
  • 131,401 total campaign views

Google Analytics

Website Traffic

As you can see, traffic to the website increased by 1,400% once the platform kicked into gear. It’s very rare and was exciting to see this kind of explosive growth.


Bringing in traffic is only the first step. What happens after the user hits your site is even more important.

The average website Bounce Rate according to Brafton is 58.8% (lower is better). CoinClaim’s Bounce Rate is currently 31.8%. 46% better than average. Unheard of!

Now let’s look at conversions. The average conversion rate for websites is 2.35% according to Wordstream. CoinClaim’s conversion rate from the homepage, passing through email verification to account creation is an astounding 28.5%. What makes this even better is we know the email addresses we’ve collected along the way are real.

Social Details

Social Reach

The minimum number of followers required to get the Twitter Follow campaign reward is 25. Using the task data from the database, we know that our social reach is minimally ~865k but more likely closer to 1 million in this short amount of time (34,582 unique social accounts used in tasks X 25)

Here is a snapshot of our Social Value at Google Analytics:

Look at those Social Conversions percentages. Through the roof!


Above is a screenshot of the insights for the last seven days on CoinClaim’s Facebook page. You’ll notice that the charts are all made up of blue line graphs and no green (i.e. There have been no paid promotions). We can barely believe the numbers ourselves. Some of the key insights are:

  • Page views have increased by 959%
  • Engagements have increased by 1442%
  • Page followers have increased by 600%
  • Post reach has increased by 2797%

And that’s just the last week.


Now look at our Twitter analytics:

Some of the key insights are:

  • Profile visits have increased by 1145.8%
  • Mentions have increased by 5377.9%%
  • Followers have increased by 9343%
  • Our Tweets got 758000 impressions (an increase of 1145.8%)

The fact of the matter is that the built-in marketing tools for the major social media platforms can do a lot for your company’s brand, in terms of reach, but quantity doesn’t trump quality. Facebook, for example, regularly change their algorithms so that, no matter how many followers your page has, it is unlikely that your posts will show up in their feeds without a paid promotion and, therefore, organic growth is far more valuable.

When real users disseminate your content, it becomes far more effective than any algorithm. The answer to incentivising these people is cryptocurrency and our numbers serve to prove that.

Now that our phase 1 goal of building a solid user-base is working, it’s time to push on to the next phases of our company growth/experiment:

Phase 2 — Build a company client-base who are ready to leverage our large user database and experience explosive organic growth like we have.

Phase 3 — See how the growth of the company affects the value of the CLM token on the exchange.

More reports to follow. Stay tuned

For information about, visit the website or email:

For a limited time, the website is allowing companies to set up campaigns at a reduced fee to check out the system. It’s not even necessary for you to have a token, as you can purchase and use CoinClaim’s native token — CLM on the exchange and give it away in the CoinClaim system. For more details, click here.