CoinCollect Open Source Policy

CoinCollect is an open project. We are on a mission to make a difference in maximizing easy to use of crypto. According to our vision ease of use is needed for mass adoption. As CoinCollect is being built by open source & free software advocates, this post informs you about our open source policy.

Not an organization

CoinCollect is not an organization but an open project. To keep CoinCollect open and to still protect our brand, interfacing and graphics are a challenge. However, we think we found a way that preserves our open spirit but protects our branding and innovation as well.

Creative Commons

Although we have not registered these as trademarks, the CoinCollect project claims to be the rightful author of all our artwork, user interface design, graphics, branding (product name and service marks) and information under the Creative Commons license “Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International”. You can find the legal code here: The core team of the project decide on how this artwork, branding, interface design, and graphics are being used and evolves.

Apache 2.0 license

The CoinCollect software (iOS + Android apps) is licensed with Apache 2.0. This license explicitly separates branding, trademarks, user interface and graphics from functional source code. You can find the Apache 2.0 license here:

Release protocol

With each major release of CoinCollect we release the code of that particular version by opening up the GitHub repository for the public. Work in progress is performed in a private repository accessible for the active team members.

The first major release will be a stable version of our wallet with integrated swap capability for multiple coin pairs.

Visit us at


We aim to get everyone on board of crypto.

Bart van Maarseveen

Written by

They come in pairs. Privacy & Freedom, Blockchain & Open Source. A free & better society starts with your business, let's make a difference!


We aim to get everyone on board of crypto. We will make crypto easy to buy, trade and manage while your coins stay secure.

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