Send Bitcoin Gifts to friends and family with CoinCorner

Jul 9, 2019 · 2 min read

It was our 5th (!!!) birthday last week and we announced a surprise for all our customers!

In case you missed it, here it is again — we’re super excited to introduce CoinCorner Gifts. A new, fun service that you can use to send Bitcoin gifts to friends, family and anyone else important in your life! 🎁

What is CoinCorner Gifts?

CoinCorner Gifts are greetings cards that you send via email.

Along with an e-card, recipients will receive a Bitcoin treat too — whatever amount you wish to gift them.

We’ve launched the service with a variety of cool cards for you to choose from and of course, we’ll be designing and adding more as we go*!

Here’s a quick outline of the current options:

  • Classic happy birthday cards
  • Less classic funny birthday cards
  • Thank you card
  • General-just-because cards

To see these in the flesh, you can login to your account or register for an account. Once you’re logged in, go to the Gifts area.

*What cards would you like to send to your friends? Let us know your suggestions (the funnier the better!) by emailing and our graphics team will make it happen! 👊

Why are we launching CoinCorner Gifts?

Great question! The answer is pretty simple — we want to give our customers the chance to have some fun with Bitcoin.

Sometimes things can get a little crazy when the Bitcoin price moves up or down… so, we’re here with our Gifts mission to help you share the Bitcoin love at any time that suits you!

Sending a CoinCorner Gift to someone has the added benefit of spreading the word about Bitcoin too. You can be the one to introduce friends and family to a new financial world!

Where can I buy a Gift?

First things first, login to your account or register for an account and then go to the Gifts page.

In order to buy a card, you’ll need to have an existing Bitcoin balance — so make sure to top up your account first.

From here you can choose your card, enter the recipient’s email address and name, add a message, choose the amount of Bitcoin to gift and enter the name of the person the gift is from. Once you press send, your card will instantly zoom off to the recipient.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy using CoinCorner Gifts. Don’t forget to share snaps of your cards on Facebook and Twitter and tag us so we can share them too!



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