Accept Bitcoin via CoinCorner’s Point-of-Sale App

Jun 28, 2019 · 2 min read
Accept Bitcoin using CoinCorner Checkout

CoinCorner Checkout provides brick and mortar merchants with an easy way to accept Bitcoin payments directly from an app for POS (point-of-sale) transactions.

The CoinCorner Checkout app is available on Android and iOS devices — download it now to get up and running in minutes!

Start accepting Bitcoin payments today by registering for a business account, or read on for more details.

So, how does the app work?

Once you’ve made a business account and downloaded the app, follow these easy instructions to accept your first Bitcoin payment!

Create invoices quickly

Go to Create Invoice and simply enter the Total Amount, an Order I.D and an Item Description (both optional). This will generate an on-screen QR code which the customer scans to pay the invoice.

Extra features

As well as being able to accept Bitcoin payments, you can use the app to make refunds to customers and check your order history/balances.

  • Refunds — Go to the relevant order to create a Refund, enter the Amount in GBP (£) and the customer Bitcoin address. Press the refund button to complete the process. Simple!
  • Orders — View your recent orders and their status details in the Orders tab.
  • Balances — Check your available balances, including GBP, EUR, BTC, ETH LTC and XRP.

Getting set up

Step 1 — Set up a free business account at

Step 2 — After registering, download the app and login.

Step 3 — Create your first order and accept Bitcoin!


One of the UK’s oldest and leading Bitcoin exchanges (founded in 2014)


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Buy, sell, send, receive and store bitcoin with CoinCorner.


One of the UK’s oldest and leading Bitcoin exchanges (founded in 2014)

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