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Nov 19, 2019 · 3 min read
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Bitcoin Not Blockchain, Roller Coaster Guy and Bitcoin Wizard are available to buy from MtSocks now

Exciting news! We’ve launched a new online shop — MtSocks — selling Bitcoin socks! 🥳 Follow us on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

Bitcoin Socks 🧦

Grab your Bitcoin socks while stocks last … that’s right, they’re limited edition. This is a nod to the finite supply of Bitcoin, a key feature that means only 21 million will ever be mined and in circulation.

Every month we’ll release a fun, new design inspired by an event in Bitcoin’s history. We currently have 3 awesome sock designs available to buy:

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Bitcoin socks are unisex (UK 7–12) with a mid-length crew fit and ribbed ankle cuffs

Sockscription 📪

Get a 1-year Sockscription to treat yourself or gift to a friend! You’ll receive socks on a monthly basis, shipped straight to your door with free worldwide delivery.

A Sockscription will give you sock deliveries every month of the year

What’s special about MtSocks? ✨

Launched by the team at CoinCorner, MtSocks has 2 goals:

  • To educate everyone about Bitcoin’s history — Our socks aim to educate people about the history of Bitcoin in a fun and friendly way. All orders come with an information card with details about how the design came to exist.
  • To show how Bitcoin can be used in real life — As a way to grow the Bitcoin industry, we only accept Bitcoin payments. We hope this will help to show that Bitcoin can be spent on actual products. 👊
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Visit MtSocks to buy Bitcoin socks and/or a 1-year Sockscription

Proof of Socks

We’ve added a cool feature to all of our socks, known as Proof of Socks. You can use this to verify your pair of socks is genuine and has been sold by MtSocks!

We’re using a relatively unknown characteristic of Bitcoin for this process. It’s called the “Message Signing” feature, and means that your socks will be assigned with a unique Bitcoin address and message which can be verified via our website or your personal Bitcoin wallet to prove the socks were sold by MtSocks.

Supporting the Bitcoin Core Development Team

5% of sock profits will be donated to support the Bitcoin Core Project — a team of software developers around the world who dedicate their time to work on and develop the technical bits and bobs behind Bitcoin.

Earlier this year, 4 members of our very own tech team became contributors to Bitcoin Core too. We’re grateful to the Core Developers for the time and effort they put in!

Meet the MtSocks team

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The team behind CoinCorner and MtSocks 😄

If you’ve not bought any socks yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to MtSocks today and get yourself a pair of Bitcoin socks!


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