WFH, new Bitcoin features, chatting with Charlie Shrem, and more in the Q2 roundup 👀

Jul 3, 2020 · 4 min read

Where do we begin? What an extremely challenging few months! 😬

The CoinCorner team began working from home on March 23, only returning to the office at the end of May. Despite the difficulties of COVID-19, we successfully brought two big projects to life — the new Bitcoin cashback scheme and the auto buy Bitcoin feature!

During this time we enjoyed celebrating the Bitcoin halving and Bitcoin Pizza Day 🍕 with Crypto Twitter from the comfort and safety of our homes.

Here’s a look back on what’s happened in Q2 at CoinCorner…

Get Bitcoin back on everyday purchases 🛍️

Earn Bitcoin via CoinCorner’s online shopping directory

We were extremely excited to launch our new Bitcoin “cashback” scheme in early June — an easy way to earn Bitcoin while shopping for everyday products and services.

In case you missed it, you can now shop with 600+ brands and earn from the directory within your CoinCorner account.

Start earning Bitcoin today:

  1. Login or create a free account here
  2. Go to the “Earn Bitcoin” tab
  3. Search for a company or product and browse offers
  4. Click through to the retailer’s website and make your purchase
  5. You’ll receive an email when the Bitcoin has been credited to your account!

Earn Bitcoin by installing CoinCorner’s Google Chrome extension

Rather than searching the online shopping directory, you can now download and install our Google Chrome extension to easily earn Bitcoin back when browsing the web.

When you visit the website of one of our partner retailers, you’ll instantly be notified about the Bitcoin cashback offers available:

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Select “Activate” to apply the offers and carry on shopping as normal:

Image for post
Image for post

That’s it… get started by downloading and installing the extension here!

Auto buy Bitcoin 🗓️

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A few weeks ago, we launched another new service to let you auto buy Bitcoin — this offers you a way to take the hassle out of buying on a regular basis.

All you have to do is set up a standing order with your bank and choose how often you want to buy Bitcoin.

Auto buy and watch your portfolio grow:

  • Every day, week or month — it’s completely up to you when you auto buy
  • Buy small amounts of Bitcoin — set up a standing order for as little as £10
  • Once your standing order is set up, you don’t have to spend time manually buying Bitcoin again

If you’re interested in auto buying Bitcoin, login and go to the “Auto Buy” tab.

Danny chats with Bitcoin legend, Charlie Shrem 🗣️

Untold Stories is a popular Podcast hosted by Charlie Shrem — the founder of BitInstant, a Bitcoin exchange that operated between 2011 and 2014.

A well-known figure in the Bitcoin space, Charlie now interviews leaders and influencers involved Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, helping to share their personal stories and views on the industry.

Charlie sat down with Danny to chat about his and CoinCorner’s journey — listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify!

Helping businesses to accept Bitcoin 🤝

We’re supporting Bitcoin adoption in as many ways as possible, including by working with 600+ businesses to increase the number that accept Bitcoin payments from their customers.

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Bitcoin payments made easy

Businesses looking to improve customer experience and gain competitive advantage can use CoinCorner Checkout to accept Bitcoin.

Benefit from:

  • A quick and easy setup
  • Global reach to new audiences and the media
  • No chargebacks or fraud worries
  • Just 1% fee
  • Payouts in BTC or GBP via UK Faster Payments
  • Available for bespoke sites and a number of popular plugins

Interested in accepting Bitcoin? Get started today!

New Bitcoin socks released by MtSocks 🧦

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Browse Bitcoin socks

Hopefully you’re already aware of MtSocks, but here’s a reminder in case you missed the memo!

We set up this Bitcoin sock company in late October 2019 as a way to educate people about Bitcoin in a fun and friendly way.

With 9 sock designs available to date — a new sock exploring an event in Bitcoin’s history goes live each month.

All socks come with a handy info card and can be verified as genuinely sold by MtSocks using our Proof of Sock process.

It’s been a crazy yet productive time for the CoinCorner team in Q2 and now that we’re somewhat back to “normal” on the Isle of Man (fingers crossed for the long-term!), we’re looking forward to seeing what the next few months bring 👊

Follow CoinCorner on Twitter!

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