What are Casino Operators asking CoinCorner about accepting Bitcoin?

Jan 24 · 2 min read
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Sam Tipper, Business Development — CoinCorner

We’ve been lucky enough to talk to some of the most exciting Casino Operators in the world. From our talks, we’ve found that some questions are featuring more frequently than others and we thought that it might be helpful to share these below.

1. Are we allowed to accept Bitcoin?

Often, operators are concerned about whether or not they are able to accept Bitcoin. The answer to this is dependant on the territory within which their gambling license is held and what banking relationships they have.

In the Isle of Man for example, the IOM GSC has released a practice note detailing which methodologies are approved for accepting Bitcoin (IOM GSC Practice note: Virtual Currencies — GSC85).

2. How does the integration work?

It’s more straightforward than you might think, honest!

Step 1 — Register for an account.

Step 2 — After completing the registration, your unique API Keys will be made accessible in your account.

Step 3 — Our API is robust, and allows for a quick and simple integration onto your casino platform before being tested and launched.

3. Talk us through the player deposit process?

Players simply select Bitcoin as a deposit currency and complete the payment by scanning a QR code. This allows them to send Bitcoin which is credited as a fiat balance in your account.

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Check out our demo platform CasinoCorner and follow the deposit process to see it in action!

4. What about withdrawals?

Making a withdrawal is very user-friendly.

The first time a player deposits in Bitcoin, they will specify a Bitcoin wallet address to which all future winnings are paid. When a withdrawal is processed, the casino makes an API call to CoinCorner. Bitcoin funds are purchased and sent to the player’s designated wallet address.

5. Do players need to have a CoinCorner wallet in order to pay with Bitcoin via CoinCorner Checkout?

No! Any player with a functioning Bitcoin wallet can make deposits through CoinCorner’s gateway, meaning that your casino has access to global Bitcoin players.

If you have any questions or you’d like to learn more about how to accept Bitcoin via CoinCorner Checkout, please get in touch with me on Twitter or LinkedIn!

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