What ‘National Employee Appreciation Day’ looks like at CoinCorner

Mar 6 · 3 min read
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The CoinCorner team

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day 🎉 and we’re taking a moment to reflect on what makes our approach to appreciation unique (hint: it happens all year round and isn’t limited to one day a year!).

As a team of 15 now, CoinCorner has grown exponentially since being founded in 2014. From day one, it’s been our mission to create more of a Silicon Valley-style team — one that’s less traditional and gives people the opportunity to get involved in the business beyond their job role.

Creating a supportive culture

When starting a business, it’s helpful to think about what kind of team culture you want to create. Ultimately, the team is what makes a business successful — so take time to figure this out while the business is young.

We’ve put a lot of effort into building a team of people who support each other through the amazing and challenging times.

Our priorities have been on:

  • Building an open culture — Our office is open plan and our teams work closely together
  • Collaborative working —Projects aren’t isolated to one team only as we regularly bring in expertise from across the overall team
  • Holding regular news and idea generation meetings — These aim to encourage team members to learn about what’s happening in the Bitcoin industry and share new ideas
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CoinCorner’s office

Investing in your team

Ongoing education is very important to us and we support team members both with work-related opportunities, as well as encouragement to educate themselves in their own time.

A few of these activities include:

  • Dedicating resources to new projects — Last year we began making time for extra projects outside of the normal workday, such as supporting our tech team to become Bitcoin Core Contributors in their spare time. More on this in our recent !
  • Training/qualifications — Financial support is available to anyone who is interested in studying for relevant qualifications to improve their skills
  • Attending conferences — We pick and choose the best conferences which will help us to network and give our team the opportunity to experience Bitcoin outside of the office
  • Reading/Podcast suggestions — We’re a well-read bunch who share recommendations of insightful articles/books/Podcasts to keep each other learning
  • Setting up rewards — In 2019 we began offering Bitcoin salaries (100% of our team takes a portion of their salary home in Bitcoin each month!) and introduced a new share scheme

Spending time not working

Finally, we take time to get together outside of working hours. This helps our team to bond and have fun away from the pressures of their job roles:

  • Social gatherings — Our team regularly gets together for office social nights, trivia and quiz nights etc
  • Celebrating team successes — We have two bigger gatherings each year, Go-Karting in the summer and a big Christmas night out to end the year on a high
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Go Karting 2019

On National Employee Appreciate Day 2020, we want to thank the team for their endless hard work and dedication to making CoinCorner a success! Our approach will hopefully give food for thought to other businesses looking to create a positive culture.

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