Where to spend Bitcoin this Christmas

Dec 11, 2019 · 3 min read
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Over the past few years we’ve shared many Christmas gift guides and looking back, it’s clear that the number of companies accepting Bitcoin is growing! 🥳

Here’s our top 10 list of companies accepting Bitcoin for useful, everyday products that would make great Christmas gifts. 🎁

  1. MtSocks 🧦
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We launched MtSocks on 31 October this year. The past month or so has been a whirlwind of fun and excitement as our Bitcoin socks started making their way around the world.

With worldwide shipping available, our socks are the perfect gift for newcomers to Bitcoin and Bitcoin enthusiasts alike. Each limited edition sock design helps to educate people about significant events in Bitcoin’s history.

All socks come with a helpful information card which explains what that particular event was all about — helping to introduce people to Bitcoin in a fun and friendly way.

Shop Bitcoin socks!

2. Oak Furniture House 🏠

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For all your furniture needs this Christmas, head to Oak Furniture House. You’ll find quality wood furniture for both the home and garden that can be bought using Bitcoin.

3. Spy Equipment UK 🕵️

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A leading manufacturer and supplier of state of the art electronic surveillance, Spy Equipment UK is the place to go for the likes of tracking and listening devices, spy cameras and surveillance, and computer monitoring equipment.

4. Excellion 🧢

Our good friends over at Excellion sell hats for Bitcoin. They aren’t regular hats though — they have cool crypto slogans like Bitcoin Maximalist, Blockstream Spy and #RECKLESS, and have been worn by some awesome crypto people.

5. Save The Children 🧸

Rather than giving a physical gift, you could gift a donation on behalf of family or friends with Save The Children. The global charity recently relaunched its cryptocurrency donation options and accepts multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin!

6. Overstock 🏘️

U.S. based e-retailer, Overstock is popular worldwide and sells everything home for Bitcoin —this includes rugs, decor, bed/bath, kitchen, jewellery, kids/baby, and more.

7. GiftOff 🛍️

Dubbed a quick and easy way to buy digital gift cards with Bitcoin, this website lets you buy gift cards for popular shops like H&M, Argos, Currys, Spotify, Starbucks, and more.

8. Newegg 🖥️

Another U.S. based e-retailer, Newegg ships computer parts, laptops, PC components and electronics. They have a big range of products and accept Bitcoin payments.

9. Atheist Shoes 👞

If you want to gift handmade shoes with Bitcoin, head over to German company, Atheist Shoes. Their leather shoe designs come from Germany and are produced by hand in Portugal.

10. Cool Stuff Japan 🎌

Do you have a friend who loves Japanese culture? Cool Stuff Japan is the place for Japanese food, drinks, sweets, snacks, toys, costumes, and more — all shipped directly from Osaka, Japan, for Bitcoin.

…That’s it! Enjoy checking out these websites for interesting and useful Christmas gifts. 🎄 The CoinCorner team wishes you a Happy Christmas too!

Keep up to date with our CEO, Danny, and CoinCorner on Twitter!


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