Why should you trade on CoinDCX?

Cryptosphere has seen quite an adventurous ride so far this year and with the recent regulations from the RBI, there surely is more excitement to come. A prominent outcome of everything that has happened so far is that Crypto-INR trading pairs may soon be completely taken down across almost all exchanges and crypto-crypto trading would be the available choice. And then the question arises-

“There are already many international crypto-crypto trading exchanges right? Why should I trade on any Indian exchange or particularly CoinDCX?”

It’s obvious to have this question and we have been asked this for quite sometime now. So here you go:

Trade as if you are trading in INR

Isn’t it a tedious task to convert all your trades or portfolio first into US Dollars and then into INR while trading on international exchanges? Not anymore! CoinDCX lets you track all your trades and your entire crypto portfolio while trading in crypto-crypto trading pairs. So now you can trade as if you are trading in INR even while complying with all regulations.

Localised Support

Most of the international exchanges are located in regions which does not make it feasible for them to get in touch with their end user directly. With growing incidents of hacks and scams, higher support response time is a problem many users have faced.

CoinDCX is right here for you with a fully desi Indian support team

We have got an extremely low customer support response time and most of your queries would be resolved within minutes to just a couple of hours.

If you have any issues or questions about with CoinDCX, head over to: https://coindcx.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

Low withdrawal and trade fees

CoinDCX offers one of the lowest withdrawal fees across all the coins that are listed on our platform(BTW there are more coming really soon!) in comparison to most Indian and international exchanges, which makes it easy for anyone to do arbitrage trading and also book profits etc. At 0.1%, the trading fees is also lower as compared to other exchanges which lets you do as many bulk trades as you like. Additionally, we have optimised block confirmations to ensure quick deposits and withdrawals without compromising on security of your tokens.

CoinCrunch did a comparison of withdrawal fees for various tokens across prominent Indian exchanges

Oh, did we tell you we are sharing 50% of our profits with you?! Yes, you make half of what we make in fees for all your referrals on the platform. It’s that simple.

API trading and technical tools

Speaking of bulk trades, CoinDCX offers API trading and technical analysis tools for the first time in India. So for all you ‘pro traders’, we have made sure that your experience is flawless while trading on our platform with 80+ technical analysis tools and even more coming soon. API trading lets you place orders, track portfolio and much more at your own convenience.

High liquidity

Most of the Indian exchanges providing crypto-crypto trading pairs lack liquidity and orders are stuck for longer time durations. At CoinDCX, we have the highest liquidity in India with 30 crypto trading pairs where your order will be executed faster than anywhere else.

CoinDCX is already live and you could start trading 30+ crypto-crypto pairs right now!

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Disclaimer: CoinDCX is not dealing with fiat (INR) pairs due to the latest RBI notice (Announcement). Trading in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies is subject to market risks, prices are determined purely by the demand/supply and not controlled by the platform.

Article written by: Sumnesh Salodkar

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