Introducing CoinDealer — the easiest way to trade bitcoin and alt-coins.

Hi I’m Gleb, part of the product team at CoinDealer. I’m excited to share with you guys our app that makes trading bitcoin & alt-coins a whole lot easier.

Buying bitcoin and alt-coins can be hard. We’re working on a platform to change that. Our mission at CoinDealer is to help make it easier to trade cryptocurrency. We believe users should feel as confident in their transaction success just as they do when sending a text message or email.

For some users, exchanges are complicated and designed for skilled traders. Managing multiple wallets and private keys can lead to accidentally loosing them. CoinDealer’s easy-to-use interface allows you to have everything organized securely in one place. You can also trade thousands of different digital assets including alt-coins, tokens and bitcoin.

We’ll be launching a beta in the coming weeks giving early access to users on the web and mobile applications. If you’re interested in our beta please sign up.

If you have questions or want to speak to our team join us on Telegram:
CoinDealer Telegram Group