Bitcoin Cash Hardfork: 15th November

Hey Community,

We are pleased to announce that we will be supporting the Bitcoin Cash Hardfork scheduled for 15th November 2018.

Bitcoin Cash Hardfork

Will it affect your hodlings?

The upcoming hardfork will not affect your hodlings at all. We ensure you that if you have any Bitcoin Cash(BCH) hodlings in your wallet then your funds are safe with us and you will get an equivalent amount of Bitcoin SV in your Coindelta wallet after the hardfork.

Example: If you have 1 BCH in your Coindelta wallet before the hardfork, then after the hardfork, you will get 1 Bitcoin SV in your Coindelta wallet and your 1 BCH will remain as it is.

Also, the trading in the BCH-INR Market on Coindelta will not be affected by the hardfork.

Schedule of the Hardfork

The Bitcoin Cash Hardfork is scheduled for 15th November and the new token is named as Bitcoin SV. Kindly note that we will take a snapshot of all the Bitcoin Cash hodlings in Coindelta at 10:00:00 PM IST on the scheduled date and the deposits and withdrawals of BCH will be suspended from 08:30:00 PM IST 15/11/2018 till the time the hardfork is completed.
Deposits and Withdrawals are working fine till then and we will further update you on the hardfork.

All the users hodling Bitcoin Cash in Coindelta Wallet need not worry as we will handle all the technical requirements for the hardfork.

If you have any doubts or queries please do not hesitate to contact us on any of our telegram groups. You can also send us a mail at

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