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Dear Community,

With Coindelta, we have realised the importance of the community. Whatever we do, we do it for you. With flux, we aim to create a trusted network of the people who believe in the power of cryptocurrencies. So, in order to make our relation stronger and to grow our community, we are announcing Flux referral program. You can invite your friends and family and help us make Flux the most trusted crypto-network of India.

So how does Flux referral Program work?

Peer to Peer

Let’s say you have a friend, Evan. He is interested in joining the Flux network. You can share your referral code with him which he can use while signing up. So everytime, he trades on Flux, you will receive 30% of the fee collected from his trade. He can either be a seller or buyer, you will still share his fee.

So as you know, trade fee for buyer is 0.3% while that for seller is 0%. So what if you referred Evan and he is a Seller? Then he doesn’t need to pay any fee to Flux and as there is 0% trading fee, you must be thinking that how will I earn on the trading fee. What’s the point in referring then?

The example given below will explain how we have made the process unbiased.

In the picture given below, John refers Evan and Danny refers Bob .

Now lets say, Evan and Bob trades 1 BTC with each other for Rs. 10,00,000. When the trade gets completed, Flux receives 0.3% from this trade which is 0.003 x Rs. 10,00,000 = Rs. 3,000. John and Danny, both will receive 30% of Rs. 3,000 i.e. Rs. 900 each.

What if you refer both Evan and Bob? in that case, you will receive total 60% from the trade i.e. Rs. 1800 total.

General Q&A

Q. Who is eligible for the program?
Anyone who wish to join Flux network.

Q. I am an existing Coindelta user, am I eligible for referral?

Q. Where can I find my referral code?
You can see your referral code by going into my profile.

Q. How many people can I invite using the code?
You can invite everyone in your circle. There is no limit.

Q. When will I receive my referral amount?
Referral amount will be distributed once a week.

A new trading system for cryptocurrencies has begun. Lets trade.

With love for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies,
Coindelta Family

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