Important Announcement — Termination of Services

Dear Users,

Much to our regret, we will no longer be able to provide exchange services for cryptocurrencies. It has been really difficult for us to operate Coindelta exchange for the last 6 months. The curb on the bank accounts by RBI has made us handicapped in order to provide seamless deposit and withdrawal services. There has not been any significant progress in the Supreme Court case which makes it difficult to predict when we will see the regulation.

Running the exchange is very expensive in such unfavourable environment. We have been operating at a minimal trade fee, bearing all the costs ourselves ensuring that your trading experience remains unaffected in the current unregulated environment. Economically, it’s no longer viable to continue with the exchange. It brings us no joy in ceasing operations. It broke our hearts to do that but it is the need of the hour considering limited resources at your disposal.

Having said that, we have decided to suspend the exchange services. All the markets will be suspended at 2:00 PM on March 30, 2019. We will cancel all open orders at 2:00 PM and funds will be returned to your wallet. We will continue providing wallet services until April 29, 2019. You are requested to withdraw all your funds within 30 days. After 30 days, all withdrawals will be processed through our support page by raising tickets or sending an email to There will be a fixed fee applicable on all the withdrawals. Please visit fee page to see the updated fee. We will fully cooperate until all the funds are withdrawn from the platform.

We hope that the economic environment in the future will be conducive enough to support innovation and we will have the opportunity to serve you better.

Today marks 18 months of Coindelta! We would like to thank you for supporting us throughout our journey and putting your faith in us. It was a great pleasure to be a part of the cryptocurrency community. Having strong beliefs in the cryptocurrency space, we will remain persistent in adding values to the industry and continue walking on our journey of bringing India closer to Blockchain.

Signing off,
Your Coindelta Team