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How to buy CoinFLEX IFO -Polkadot?

are all excited about the launch of CoinFLEX IFO (Buy DOT at $75!)

CoinFLEX IFO will be launching Polkadot futures contract on July 17th at 12:00 PM UTC (8:00 PM Hong Kong Time). On the day of launch, everyone can lockup 1000 FLEX for 7 days to be qualified for the “pre-sale”.

(Not sure how to purchase FLEX? See How to buy FLEX Coin)

Now you need to register your interest to participate in the pre-sale and be the first 300 pre-approved participants!

But how do I register?

  1. Go to

2. Register/Login your CoinFLEX account (no KYC required to participate)

3. At the Dashboard, go to “Polkadot Pre-Sale”

4. Registering pre-sale intention

Upload an image of yourself holding a white card with text: “Polkadot CoinFLEX IFO” or “Polkadot IFO @ CoinFLEX”, and click “Register Interest” button.

After clicking “REGISTER INTEREST”, you will see your document submitted.

If our team has any concerns about the submitted photo we will be in touch. Otherwise, consider yourself pre-approved for the pre-sale!

5. Prepare your account with 500 USDT balance to cover your Polkadot IFO purchase.

You will be able to spend exactly 500 USDT at a price of 75 USDT per DOT to receive 6.6666 DOT Futures.

6.Lockup 1000 FLEX Coins

To qualify for the pre-sale, you also need to hold 1000 FLEX Coins available to “lock-up” for 7 days.

the day of pre-sale (17 July), be ready at 12:00 PM UTC (20:00 Hong Kong time) with a 1000 FLEX and 500 USDT in your available balance.

Go to Dashboard > Polkadot Pre-Sale and hit the “Redeem“ button to get the 6.6666 DOT Futures!

Once DOT futures (DOTF) are trading (which will be 30 minutes later) you can buy or sell as much as you’d like!


Only 300 lots of 6.6666 DOT futures are available.

Don’t miss out your chances!

Find more details about IFO at CoinFLEX IFO

Details about FLEX Coin please visit: FLEX Info

Question about how to buy FLEX Coin: How to buy FLEX Coin

Follow our Telegram group to get the latest updates:

CoinFLEX English Telegram Community

CoinFLEX 中文電報群



First physically delivered $crypto futures exchange. 250X Leverage, Deliverable Perps, Repo, Flexible Margins, Spread Trading

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First Physically Delivered Crypto Futures Exchange. 250X Leverage, Deliverable Perps, Repo, Flexible Margin, Spread Trading