Introducing the Telegram Betting Bot

Conceptualised by the CEO of Coingaming as an internal hackathon topic, targeted to deliver the next level of super experience via another channel to our existing users and new signups on

Check it out here: betting bot

The bot is a mixing of availability and technology, delivering the same amazing user experience available already on desktop and mobile platforms, to users in text-only mode via the rich Telegram core API. betting bot features the same sport categories, events and markets (branch, stem and leaves) as on the standard website.

What is the value proposition?

The value proposition of the betting bot is nothing short of engagement. Users can place bets in a smart manner, be notified of bet ticket settlements and transaction resolutions, all rolling in as notifications on their devices in a timely manner.

Deposits, withdraws and all transaction history can be accessed right from within the bot with the bot’s slash commands.

It is multi-lingual. Users can actively change the language in which the bot communicates with them.

The bet process is seamless. The user can easily navigate through the various sports categories available on the main site, through the bot interface buttons.

This guides the user through the creation of a bet ticket, the confirmation of it and finally the placing of the bet.

Built with elixir, the bot server takes advantage of all the features the open telecom platform (OTP) has to offer.