COMPETITION: Make a video about CENTUS and get up to 10,000 BONUS = $100 or more!

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2 min readNov 23, 2019


Any participant of our community who makes the best video on one of the topics listed below will receive 10,000 BONUS (100 USD) tokens which can be convert into CENTUS.

The authors of the next 3 best videos will receive 5,000 BONUS each.

Every participant who makes a video in compliance with the conditions below will receive 2,000 BONUS.

Conditions of the competition:

All videos are to be reviewed by our community’s auditors. After that the best ones will be put to the vote.

You have to post your video on your social networks and then send a links to our Telegram group. For each link you will additionally receive 200 BONUS.

You can choose any of the following topics for your video:

1. How to open a Stellar account, activate it and open a trustline for CENTUS and BONUS;

2. How to buy CENTUS on the website

3. How to sell CENTUS for USD on Stellar DEX

4. How to withdraw bonus seigniorage (profit) earned from Invite BONUS (for your or your referrals registration)

CENTUS. Creating a Stellar Wallet

Also, outside the scope of the competition, any participant can receive up to 10,000 BONUS to their Stellar accounts for making a video about:

1. What is CENTUS;

2. What is CENTUS pegged to;

3. What profit receive CENTUS holders?

4. How many times seigniorage is accrued (per week, month, year);

5. What is the size of seigniorage;

6. Interest income seigniorage per week, month, year;

7. Where can I buy and sell CENTUS;

8. For which cryptocurrency can I buy CENTUS.

The results of the competition will be announced after May 15, 2020. The deadline may be extended, if this time is not enough.

The best videos will be uploaded to the official CENTUS web page together with your affiliate links.

You will learn how to convert BONUS to CENTUS after summing up the results of the competition.

Voting page

Last day for sending video: April 30th.
Last voting day: May 15th.