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P2E Project Review 1. Plant vs Undead

Hello, This is CoinKo Team.

With the great success of rewarding blockchain games such as Axie Infinity and Mobox, Capital and users are continuously increasing in this trend. Under this atmosphere, we have prepared special features introducing Play to Earn (P2E) projects.

1. Basic structure of Plant vs Undead.

1) The concept of the game.

The first project we’re going to introduce is Plant vs Undead (PvU) which has been selected as the monthly star of Binance’s The Most Valuable Builder 3.

The basic concept of this game is Idle Game, which can be played without any special manipulation.

The game is also set to release competitors such as PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player).

PvE mode will be integrated into the existing Farm mode in the game, and the beta version of PvP mode will be newly released in Factory Chain in mid-October. Update 3.0 with PvE mode will be released in the Q4 of 2021, so please keep an eye on it.

2) How to play (Farm Mode)

As described above, Plant vs Undead is an idle game. In the current version of Plant vs Undead, Players can experiment with the farming mode. It revolves around plating seeds, watering the farm, and collecting Light Energy(LE) resources. These Light Energy (LE) can be converted into the native PVU token and traded on various decentralized exchanges (DEX)

Supplies: Metamask wallet, $BNB token (Using Gas fee, $PVU token (to be swapped with BNB token), $LE (swapped with PVU token)

First, register on the game website (, and then automatically sign up when your metamask wallet is connected. And it’s necessary to have some $BNB tokens for continuous game play. Because PvU is a BSC-based game, the gas cost is BNB. In addition, being a gardener of PVU games requires a certain number of $PVU tokens, and to purchase agricultural tools and seeds in the game, you need $LE, not $PVU tokens. However, with only $BNB, you will be able to get all PvU, LE, etc. after a few works in the PancakeSwap.

2. How to farm.

Now let’s take a look at how it makes a profit. The basic given is a free plot as shown in the following picture, where five plants and one Mother Tree can be planted. Mama takes 144 hours to grow, and Plants take 72 hours.

The most important thing is to extract the maximum efficiency here. As explained at the bottom, it is expected that the average price of plants will fall due to the event. If you want to invest at least $10000, We will introduce this in the investment strategy section at the bottom.

First, Buy one sunflower mama and five saplings through LE, which you changed to $PVU. Each sunflower needs a small pot and a set of water, so you buy six small pots and a set of water (100 pieces per set).

Now, after planting sunflowers in the above situation, you can install a pot and leave it unattended. The only part that needs to be managed here is to treat the crow and water it. Crows appear every 2 to 18 hours with a 10% chance of interfering with crop farming, but the mining time of the plant does not decrease as soon as they stick to the plant. At this time, you should install scarecrows and eradicate crows (scarecrows cannot be installed in advance). You can give water twice a day, and if you give water, the land color changes from yellow to green, so it’s easy to distinguish.

- Pot-related precautions

Sunflowers are harvested from small pots, not from large pots, and all pots and seeds will disappear after using, Sunflower sapling and Mama don’t drop seeds. After all, it doesn’t mean to use a large pot, so use a small pot.

(After adding the pot, you give water twice)

After all the time required to manage the plants has elapsed (144 hours for horses and 72 hours for seedlings), the Harvest button is activated as follows. Press the Harvest button and remove it from the pot.

After harvesting and removing the plants, the empty plot is formed again, and the above process can be repeated continuously.

3. How to calculate investment efficiency.

1) Initial investment cost.

The conversion ratio for switching PVU to LE is 1 to 105 (105LE per PVU) *Based on 2021–09–18

. The efficiency is calculated based on planting full seeds on free land as follows.

- Sunflower Sapling. — 5 (500LE)

- Sunflower MAMA. — 1 (200LE)

- Small pot 6 (300LE)

- Water for 100 times (50LE)

- Scarecrow 20 (20LE)

A total of 1,070LE = 10.1 PVU.

At this time, BNB market price (based on 2021–09–22) is $358, so 10.1 PVU = 0.131 BNB = around $47 In other words, the initial investment cost per plot is $47.

2) Profit from seedlings.

If you plant a seedling using 100LE, you can get 250LE after three days. Specifically, it takes 100LE for Sapling purchase, 6 water (3LE), 1 pot (50LE), and 72 hours, so it takes 153LE for a total of 3 days. In the end, the net profits for three days is 97LE.

3) MAMA profits.

If you plant one Mama using 200LE, you can get 850LE after 6 days. Specifically, the purchase cost of Mama is 200LE, 12 water (6LE), one pot (50LE), and 144 hours, so it takes 256LE for a total of 6 days. After all, the net profits for 6 days is 594LE. In terms of daily net income, it is 99LE.

4) Net profit after deducting fixed cost.

The cost of 20LE crows will be deducted every 3 days. Of course, crows’ appearance is random because it’s a probability. Assuming that crows come out every three-day, the total profit is 782LE (97LE per seedling, 297LE per seedling), the net profit of the three-day cycle is 762LE. In this case, Net profit is 254LE per day , and after 5% tax is removed, it becomes 1.615$PVU.

5) Monthly net profit.

If the above process is repeated for a month, the total net profit is 7,620LE or 48.45$PVU.

4. Considerations

After the PVU 2.5 patch, the exchange cost will be subjected to the conditions (if you want to purchase land, please skip this section)

If there is no plant after the patch, LE cannot be changed to PVU, and it has been changed to be exchangeable at a price of 1.5 times from one to one . If you look at the monthly net profit category above, you can get 76 sapping through it, so you can get a seed if you wait about a month and a half. Therefore, you will be given a period of time to recover your principal from a month and a half later.

- If you proceed with the original exchange cost through investment: You can purchase NFT plants directly from the marketplace and plant them. The cheapest plant is 43.5 PVU (based on 9/18), which is about $430. And the price is expected to fall further because a lot of seeds have been sown overall due to the recent event.

- Mining without investment: 1 Plant has been changed to 150LE = 1 PVU NFT. When you collect 100 Saplings, convert them into NFT plant seeds, and pay $4 PVU you can get a NFT plant probabilistic after 24 hours. I think you need to be aware of these conditions and play.

* Precautions for NFT plants

The NFT plant does not disappear even when harvested, and the big pot is a little more efficient because it drops seeds.

5. Investment strategy.

Since the investment strategy may vary depending on the size of each investment, several strategies are possible depending on the following differential investment scale.

1) The case of investing only the initial cost ($152) is the same as described in the text.

2) $2,000 to $10,000: Put on an NFT plant. Start!

3) $20,000~: The degree of freedom is high because if you buy land, you can plant high-quality plants

Play a combination of various plants and NFT plants.

6. Recent updates and Copy assets from Parm mode to PVP mode

- Farm mode is now an official release, not beta, and will be maintained in the BSC chain. Also, even users who were playing in Beta do not change technically.

- When PvP mode is released, players who already own assets in Farm mode can replicate all assets to PvP mode. One week after the launch of PvP mode, Farm mode and PvP mode will be developed independently. After this point, players can no longer transfer assets between the two modes. In other words, before the release of PvP mode, the game server is temporarily shut down to replicate all assets from Farm mode to PvP mode. When this process is completed, the player can log in to PvP mode using the same wallet and the assets are displayed. Assets are replicated once at the end of the server and will not be replicated thereafter.

- The exchange rate of converting LE to $PVU will increase by 10% per week depending on the initial Farm mode design. This change will first be applied to the 00:00 UTC on Monday, 27th September 2021, and the existing exchange rate (1PVU=150LE) will be raised by 10%, resulting in 165 LE=1 PVU. This mechanism is valid until Farm 3.0 comes out in the fourth quarter of 2021.

- While the game’s basic settings are changing, overall crypto markets are undergoing adjustments, and PVU and NFT plant prices are also falling. Given that the release of PvP mode has been confirmed, plants raised in FARM mode can be duplicated and used in future PvP modes. Although the scope of asset copying in Farm mode is not accurately stated, only NFT plants are likely to be copied. This part can be a good opportunity to enter now, even considering the event and the increase in the LE exchange rate.

※ Our content is intended to be used and must be used for information purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances.




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