Announcing $9.2M in funding to support compliant Initial Coin Offerings

Apr 5, 2018 · 2 min read

Today we are announcing a $9.2 million initial fundraising round. Among the investors is a group of the industry’s most notable cryptocurrency funds: Polychain Capital, Digital Currency Group, FBG Capital, Libertus Capital, Blockchain Capital, CoinFund, and Electric Capital. The total includes funds received from Accomplice and Protocol Labs when CoinList was introduced.

In the nine-months since inception, CoinList has processed more than $400M in compliant cryptocurrency investments from thousands of accredited investors. In the now clearer regulatory environment that we’re operating in, where token sales are treated as securities, there is a growing need from the most promising blockchain companies to have superior token sale compliance and execution for their offerings. CoinList exists to provide these financial services and more for the next generation of technology companies.

Enabling the Infrastructure for Token Creators and Investors

We believe that token creators should focus on what they do best: building world-changing products. Now more than ever, companies raising money through an ICO and investors that want to commit to blockchain technology need a trusted platform that knows the intricacies of execution and regulation, and we are here to provide it.

With this funding, we’ll be expanding our compliance, operations, engineering, product, and sales teams, as well as supporting existing product offerings and launching new product lines in the coming months.

Investors: Register to get access early protocol token sales.

Companies: Take our survey to get started.

We’re hiring.


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