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Announcing the winners of the 0x + CoinList Hackathon

In December, we launched CoinList Build, a platform for blockchain companies to run online hackathons. We teamed up with 0x for the first one, which received almost 700 registrations from dozens of countries and over 50 projects. Industry leaders like Fuel Games, Linda Xie, and Veil ran technical workshops and more than 2000 votes were cast for the community choice award.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We were been blown away by the quality of the projects and are excited to announce the winners:


Tokenary (First Place, Judges Choice). Tokenary bridges the offline and online worlds by allowing users to easily exchange assets with friends or strangers nearby. They utilize the 0x protocol to trustlessly execute these trades.

Cashflow Relay (Runner Up, Judges Choice). Cashflow Relay is a marketplace to create and trade Commitments to Future Cashflows (C2FC). C2FC allows businesses to present future cashflows in token form, making them easily tradable with 0x.

Alice (Community Choice). Alice creates a seamless dApp experience on mobile and helps developers streamline development through an SDK.

Category Winners

Disclose (Compliance). Disclose utilizes zero-knowledge proofs to streamline on-chain compliance procedures (e.g. KYC-AML). A user can send a proof to a 0x relayer that they match pre-defined compliance requirements without disclosing any personal information.

Cold Crypto (Decentralized Finance). Cold Crypto is a mobile wallet with cold storage functionality that utilizes QR-packets for enhanced security. It works for both 0x Relayers and applications using 0x Instant.

Mars Nation Land Selector (NFTs & Gaming). Mars Nation is a governance experiment that utilizes a Harberger taxation model to achieve an efficient allocation of land plots on Mars. Land plots are represented by ERC-1155 tokens and payment is handled with 0x Instant.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated.

Also, a huge thanks to Accomplice Blockchain, our lead sponsor, and of course 0x, for providing much of the support and infrastructure. We’d also like to thank all of the judges and teams that hosted technical workshops.

Coming soon on CoinList Build

We’re excited to announce that we’re launching another hackathon next month, hosted with NuCypher. NuCypher is one of the leading privacy solutions for distributed systems, has built one of the most impressive technical teams in the space, and is backed by a phenomenal set of investors including Polychain and CoinFund.

They’re putting up over $25K in prizes and already have a phenomenal set of judges including Stefano Bernardi (Aragon & Token Economy), Richard Burton (Balance), Jake Brukhman (Coinfund), Victor Radchenko (TrustWallet), and Amy Sun (Sequoia Capital).

Sign up now for the NuCypher hackathon.



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Where early adopters invest in and trade the best digital assets