Snowden, Thisfeedisalwaysforsale, nuBox, and more: The NuCypher + CoinList Hackathon Winners

Justin Gregorius
Apr 16, 2019 · 3 min read
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We partnered with NuCypher for our second CoinList Build Hackathon and we are proud to announce that we received over 400 registrations and dozens of projects from our developer community. Industry leaders like Livepeer, IPFS, Arweave, and Origin ran technical workshops to explore all of the different possibilities that proxy re-encryption allows. The hackathon was focused on two tracks: applications and tools.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the hackathon and brought us closer to making unconditional privacy in the digital age a reality. We were blown away by the submissions and proud to announce the winners of the hackathon:

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Snowden(left), nuBox (top right), thisfeedisalwaysforsale (bottom left)



Tied For First Place: Snowden by Mikhail Lazarev. Snowden is a google chrome extension which encrypts social media posts into emojis and lets you easily grant read access using NuCypher technology. This is one of the simplest solutions we’ve seen to subverting censorship on internet applications.

Tied For First Place: Thisfeedisalwaysforsale by John Grant. ThisFeedIsAlwaysForSale implements a Harberger Tax on the ownership of a data feed (eg a Twitter stream). Inspired by Simon de la Rouviere’s This Artwork Is Always On Sale, this application uses NuCypher to encrypt the data and grant access to patrons.

Third Place: nuBox by Robin Thomas. nuBox is a file system UI inspired by Google Drive. You can upload files of any size. It stores files on IPFS with a privacy layer created by using NuCypher. Users can create, rename, drag/drop, delete files & folders. You are in full control of your files; users can share files with anyone for a set period of time, and they can revoke file access at any time.

Community Choice: Genobank DNA Wallet by Sagar Jethi, Daniel Uribe, and Ayush Shukla. Genobank combines an FDA approved DNA kit with NuCypher and blockchain to enable an anonymous and encrypted way to interact with the World’s Genomic ecosystem with privacy & control.


First Place: nuBox (chrome extension) by Robin Thomas. nuBox is a chrome extension with IPFS support (it has a UI for users to play with) and APIs (for developers to develop on NuCypher) that are injected onto every website, meaning that developers do not have to install anything. Designed to be just as easy as calling a function!

Second Place: NuCypher Google Chrome extension by Ivan Fedorov. NuCypher Google Chrome extension is a complete product to safely store and easily share your documents in one convenient location directly from the browser. It achieves this by using NuCypher technology and the Native Messaging protocol.

3rd Place: NCIPFS by David Holtz. A developer friendly python library to easily store, encrypt, share and decrypt data on IPFS with NuCypher’s proxy re-encryption.

Community Choice Award: MedFabric4Me by Manish Vishnoi, Kiran Suresh, Dragan Boscovic, Raj Sadaye, and Arsh Padda. The project leveraged Nucypher’s encryption to securely share information over IPFS. Two tools are implemented, Merkle proof for data verification and IPFS integration for distributed sharing.

A big thank you to all the judges for putting in the time to review a score all the projects. These include Amy Sun, Robbie Bent, Stefano Bernardi, Richard Burton, Lasse Clausen, and Jake Brukhman. Also, thank you to the NuCypher team who were always on Discord answering questions and working through problems with the hackers. NuCypher has never had a busier Discord channel!

Congratulations to all of the winning projects and thank you to everyone that participated!

The Next CoinList Build

We’re thrilled to announce that we are hosting another hackathon in May with The Graph. The Graph is an indexing and query protocol for Web3 using GraphQL. More details coming soon!

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