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CoinLoan Has Developed Its First SaaS Solution for Raido Finance

Yesterday, CoinLoan’s Interest Account was successfully integrated by Raido Finance, our first corporate SaaS client. Here you can take a look at their brand new earning feature designed and developed in partnership with CoinLoan.

This is a significant shift for CoinLoan. We’ve been focused on becoming the best crypto-lending platform for our customers during the last three years. In this journey, we’ve learned lots of stuff about earning and borrowing, from workflow challenges to handling risks during market uncertainty.

We want to share our experience to benefit anyone in the crypto market, not just the users we work with directly. Software is the most scalable way to do this, so CoinLoan evolves from ‘services’ to ‘software + services.’

CoinLoan’s SaaS Offering for Corporate Clients

We have an example of our service’s integration to the partner’s platform. Everything runs smoothly on Raido Finance and waiting for you to click the buttons, please check it yourself.

CoinLoan now can boldly claim our offer for finance companies, banks, and lending institutions. We’re ready to supply all necessary solutions to deposit, withdraw, earn, borrow, buy, sell, and exchange the entire digital assets spectrum.

As a result, our partners will quickly expand the range of their services with crypto-lending tools tested throughout the years. No need to develop and support these solutions individually, take your time to focus on the core business needs.

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Originally published at on August 26, 2020.



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