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CoinLoan’s August Update

August was a wild ride for CoinLoan. We’ve celebrated CoinLoan’s third birthday and broken our own registration record, welcoming far more newcomers than ever before. We’ve held our first Twitter contest with valuable prizes for CoinLoaners, and it became a big hit.

It’s time for us to update you on these and other monthly highlights, including two new coins, one new partnership, and some future plans we’re ready to announce.

New Coins, New Opportunities

Meet DAI in CoinLoan’s Interest Account. It’s the most recent addition to our currency list, and one of the most requested. The token is available in My Wallet and ready for deposits both in the web and Android or iOS apps. From there, you can move your assets to the Interest Account to start earning.

Chainlink Is Also Listed on CoinLoan, providing you the best conditions on the market. A 50% LTV for LINK loans and up to 6.2% interest annually on deposits.

LINK has proven to be one of the strongest moves in the cryptocurrency markets of recent years. Even though LINK takes a spot among the top ten cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap, it is still largely overlooked by crypto-lending players. CoinLoan is righting the market’s wrongs!

Who Is a Birthday Brand this Month?

Yep, that’s CoinLoan. Three years ago, the raw concept was presented to a wide audience. Since then, CoinLoan evolved into the most technologically advanced crypto lending platform with thousands and thousands of users.

Happy Birthday to CoinLoan and CoinLoaners!

🥳Happy Birthday to #CoinLoan! This day, three years ago, СoinLoan was presented to the public on the @Bitcointalk forum for the first time. We’d appreciate if you wish CoinLoan a happy #birthday in comments.
🎁The most creative one will get a secret #prize!
24 hours only😉

- CoinLoan (@coin_loan) August 19, 2020

CoinLoan’s First Integration Went Live

There are now more ways to use CoinLoan than ever! In August, our Interest Account was successfully integrated by Raido Finance, our first corporate SaaS client.

CoinLoan Has Developed Its First SaaS Solution, and this is a significant shift for the company. We want to share our experience to benefit anyone in the crypto market, not just the users we work with directly. Software is the most scalable way to do this, so CoinLoan evolves from ‘services’ to ‘software + services.’

Our Very First Contest Was a Success

Seven luckiest CoinLoaners won their prises and shook the sleepy August up on Twitter. Please don’t be upset if you didn’t win. Stay tuned, there’s a lot to come!

Don’t Fall for a Scam

The more popular you get, the more scammers want to make money of your customers’ trust. This is the flip side of success. On the matter of the sudden emergence of fake accounts cheating people for money, we’ve written a post on How to Spot and Avoid Scammers Impersonating CoinLoan.

We encourage you to always be alert to a fake before clicking on any links or fulfill the requirements that seem worrisome to you. Don’t hesitate to share your doubts in our live chat in case you got a suspicious message or contact us at

What Coins to Watch in 2020

Must read from Rose Jane, our guest author.

There are now too many assets to reasonably keep track of. So, for those who are intrigued either by using or trading cryptocurrency, it’s worthwhile to have a feel for some of the most important or relevant assets on the market. And in 2020, these are The 5 Most Important Cryptocurrencies that come to mind.

Our developers are working hard on two updates you are going to love. Both are scheduled for September.

  • Android and iOS apps will get full functionality, just like a web version. We’ll add Instant Loans and some other requested features.
  • CoinLoan’s brand-new referral program is on the last step of preparation, and it promises to be one of the best on the market. In a short time, you’ll be able to earn bonuses for promoting CoinLoan.

That’s all for now. Happy autumn, and stay tuned!

💫 CoinLoan is a universal platform for crypto and fiat assets. We help to keep your assets safe and manage them from one dashboard.

💡First time here? Visit our home page and get to know the CoinLoan lending platform a little better.

Originally published at on September 1, 2020.



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