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Let (Economic) Freedom Ring

In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. His was a dream of racial freedom and equality. Of a world where people are judged by their character rather than by their skin. It’s a fight that’s far from over, and Dr. King’s legacy lives on in every protest action we take.

This year, as we honor Martin Luther King’s fight, we add to it a dream of economic freedom. One where people can make their own choices, unbeholden to governments and banks. It’s the dream that Satoshi Nakamoto had when he created Bitcoin, and it’s the dream that drives us at Coinmama every day.

When we fight for economic freedom, we fight for:

The freedom to control our own money. Why should banks be able to control what you buy, or when? Why must we bow to a system that forces us to pay fees, only to spend our own money? A system that requires us to take part in it in order to pay our rent, and that locks you out of society if you will not — or cannot — take part. We believe that the money you earn should be yours. We believe in a financial future without middle-men or hidden fees.

For the freedom from banks that are “too big to fail.” We believe in an economic future where no one entity is too big to fail. Where our governments will not bail out institutions for their greed and misdeeds, simply for the role they play in our economy.

For the freedom of financial transparency. Shouldn’t we know what our money is doing? The blockchain may offer privacy, but it also offers transparency: everyone knows when money is moved. It is only when full transparency is achieved that we can have true economic freedom.

For the freedom from government hyper-inflation. What will your salary be worth tomorrow? In today’s age of hyper-inflation, the answer to that question is unclear in many parts of the world. Your spending power is in the hands of the government, as they decide how much money to print, and how quickly to devalue it. A new financial system removes the power from the government and puts it back in the hands of the people.

For the freedom of a currency that’s by the people and for the people. We believe in a financial future that belongs to everyone. That includes the rich, the poor, the working class, and the unbanked. A financial future that allows people to buy the things they need no matter what country they live in, no matter their government, or their bank.

Today, we fight for economic freedom alongside racial equality, gender equality, and religious freedom. At Coinmama, we are leading the financial revolution. Are you in?



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